The Triple Threat: Millennial, Mom, and Marketer

As someone who falls perfectly under the triple-threat demographic, I must give you this fair warning: I am a threat to your marketing efforts. I encompass three of the dreaded qualities all-in-one: I’m a techy Millennial, a busy Mom, and savvy Marketer. It’s going to take some sweat and tears to win me over but well worth it as I’m a highly influential person. Did I hear some of you say that you are NOT trying to reach marketers, though? Sure, you might think that you are not targeting someone who literally has a professional marketing role like me, but in many ways you are. Let me explain: the average female shopper nowadays is shopping smarter and thinking more like a marketer than ever before. With the internet and social media operating at the speed of light, everyone pretty much has all the research and marketing tools that they need to make informed shopping decisions and everyone is able to develop sophisticated opinions right at their fingertips. One poor customer experience and you can be certain that these savvy marketing-minded shoppers will immediately voice their dissatisfaction across all social media channels. So how do you handle this triple threat demographic: that is Millennial, Mom, and Marketer all-in-one? You simply cannot market to this group like the masses, without considering their specific needs and you certainly cannot serve them at your own pace. Here’s how to ensure that your marketing messages and customer service efforts will resonate with this demographic and will retain them as loyal customers.

As a Millennial

I am part of a group that is known to have short attention span. But is that really true? Or is it just looking at it with a different and perhaps biased perspective? Essentially, many brands assume that ineffective marketing efforts is a problem for the recipient of the message. The reasoning is that most marketing messages do not work on Millennials because they don’t like to listen. But let’s give them some benefit of the doubt and look at it from another perspective. You should see Millennials as the group that requires you to bring your A-game and challenges you step it up a notch in providing marketing content that’s relevant and genuine. It’s about ensuring that your marketing efforts are so interesting, relatable, and eye-catching that we’d stop everything (read: mid-texting and mid-scrolling in social media) to intently look and listen. How do you do that and who’s doing it right? I came across Adweek’s spotlight on Clearasil’s clever advertising campaigns, where they admitted that they only know acne (relevance: check) but they honestly do not know teens (genuineness: check). Though I’m not a teen anymore I do recall the tough acne concern, relate to the ad, and appreciate the honesty. Before I knew it, I’m watching every single one of their ads. These humorous ads capture Clearasil’s main objective of being honest and that’s something millennials truly appreciate. Creative Director Gordon explains it perfectly:

“The irony, of course, is that by claiming not to know its target market at all, Clearasil proves it actually does know the target pretty well—or at least, how it prefers to be marketed to.”

Brilliant. I don’t have pimples anymore, but clearly (pun intended), it’s the brand I’m going to trust and recommend to all my friends and future children. Make sure that your marketing message is reflecting your relevant and genuine brand and you won’t have a problem engaging Millennials.

As a Mom

Moms are constantly worried about their kids and family. We’ve a lot on our plate, regardless if we are full-time stay-at-home moms or full-time working moms. Ask any mom: it’s all hard and we’re all very busy. Is your company marketing to the modern mom? A 2016 Moms & Marketing study from Saatchi & Saatchi revealed that over 70% of women in the world (that’s about 2 billion women) are Moms. More than 50% of these Moms feel that marketers don’t understand them, and are talking to their Moms (read: Grammas). That’s approximately 1 billion women feel marketers have an outdated and inaccurate view of them and furthermore, feel that marketers are not speaking to them in authentic ways. Another important must-have for Moms is understanding how you have offered ways to improve their hectic and tech-filled lives with your products or services? I came across blog on “Mobile and Social: Researching the Millennial Mom written by Lori Collins-Jarvis, an old colleague of mine from Lieberman Research Worldwide, where she describes that:

“Mom’s strongest relationships outside of her family is the one with her mobile device and her virtual relationships developed on social media.”

They are changing the research methodology in order to reach Moms. Is the info about your product easy to find on your site? Is the path to purchase quick, simple and could be accomplished with one hand on a mobile device and the other holding a baby or cooking a meal? Moms are mobile and social, so be mindful of that when researching or marketing to them. Moms are distracted often by our kids. So as a mom I appreciate companies that doing things to retarget me based on my behavior, such as reminding me that I’ve left something in the shopping cart or offering a discount on a product that I was thinking about purchasing. Moms are important decision-makers and gate-keepers into many households. Make sure your company keeps the Mom demographic on top of mind when executing a marketing campaign.

As a Marketer

In this social world, the Marketer demographics understand more about your brand and products than you’d think and can intelligently assess the quality of your brand based on feedback from customers and experts from across the web. We have analyzed the pros and cons of your products before ever touching or testing your product in-person. Before we even get to your shopping cart page, we have already done enough word-of-mouth and online research to know how much your products cost across several sites, have scoured the internet for coupons and sales, and have downloaded various apps in order to pay the lowest price and earn the most points. Furthermore, we’ve considered the shipping fee, delivery date, taxes according to state, loyalty program benefits, and return policy. Nielsen’s article, “Meet the Connected Spender, Digital Consumer of the Future”, confirms that technology is revolutionizing shopping and creating a new consumer demographics that they call the “Connected Spenders”. Their recommendation for how brands and retailers should engage with these digital savvy consumer base is by reaching them online with personalized digital advertising and holistic omnichannel strategies. And equally important is winning them over by crafting innovation around their specific preferences. With the advancement of technology, every shopper is a home-grown market researcher and marketer who has done their due diligence on everything that they plan to purchase. Make sure that your brand goes above and beyond to surprise and delight customers during the shopping process and especially after any sort of blunder and you will surely appease and retain loyalty for life from this demographic.

Now that you have been fairly warned about this triple threat: Millennial, Mom, and Marketer all-in-one, I hope all your future marketing campaigns will consider their needs. Undeniably, this demographic is a crucial influencer and decision-maker in all your marketing efforts. You will surely win them over with relevant and genuine content, user-friendly experiences, and a personalized omnichannel journey.


  • Image: Shutterstock, PopSugar, Canva