When wholesale distributors and retail planners think of valuable real estate inside a store, they often think of the area around the checkout counter and shelves that sit at eye-level. But, there’s one place that they might overlook even though it’s one of the most lucrative positions: the end cap display. These displays are found at the end of an aisle so customers are forced to see it whenever they go looking for other products found in the aisle. How can you ensure you’re taking advantage of this space? Follow these tips to perfect your end cap display:

Add technology.

Are you trying to display a product that is difficult to use or put together? If so, put it on an end cap right next to a small TV screen playing an informational video about the product. Customers feel comfortable stopping around an end cap display because they won’t be in other people’s way like they would if they stopped in the middle of an aisle. Therefore, an end cap display is the perfect place to play an informational video that will help customers become more comfortable with using a specific product.

Fill them in frequently.

All product displays need to be restocked as items begin to sell, but this is especially important for end cap displays. A bare end cap display is not visually appealing to customers, and it may influence them to keep walking instead of stopping to see what’s being displayed and what other products can be found in the adjacent aisle. It may be helpful to stock the items more deeply than you would on other product displays so you don’t have to spend as much time restocking them throughout the day.

Avoid big items.

Because you have to keep end cap displays looking full at all times, it’s best to avoid using big items. The moment a big item is removed from the display by a customer, the end cap will appear empty. However, a handful of small products will have to be removed before there’s a noticeable empty space in your display, which makes the upkeep much easier.

Don’t mix in too many products.

Some displays look better when they feature multiple products, but not end caps. It’s best to only display one or two products on an end cap, otherwise it won’t look as clean and appealing to customers who pass by.

Change them on a regular basis.

End caps are often the first thing a customer sees when he begins to walk through the store, so if the products that are being displayed stay the same, the customer may view the store as stale and uninteresting. Make sure you change the end cap displays on a regular basis so the customer who shops in your store every weekend will be greeted with a fresh and exciting display during each trip.

Do you have any tricks or tips for perfecting an end cap display? If so, share your strategies in the comments below!