Not so long ago, content was measured by volume, not quality. Those days are over. Every business must create or purchase the highest quality content possible. Along with quality, businesses need to employ the “right” content as part of the “right” marketing plan. Want to get a valuable head start in meeting your marketing goals for 2013? Just remember on simple statement: Content is king. The importance of quality content has been growing for the past few years.

Why content is critical to success

Improving your brand is probably at or near the top of your priority list for 2013. To accomplish this goal, you’ll need to match the best quality content with the right marketing strategy. This marriage sounds easier on paper than it is in actual implementation. Unfortunately, there is little room for error. The best quality content matched with the wrong strategy will fail. The right strategy containing poor content will also create failure. It’s critical you match the two components to generate the returns you want.

Email content marketing strategy tips

The days of “batch and blast” emails have passed into history along with using shoddy content. Successfully using quality content in your email marketing strategy depends on paying attention to details. Designing and managing the details of your content, its tone and target is vital to successful strategies. Consider employing some of these tips to jumpstart your email marketing program:

  • Become an expert about typical consumer email behaviors. Understanding common customer tendencies with respect to email handling is vital to designing winning content marketing strategies. For example, in a recent survey with around 400 respondents, 55 percent reported they turn on the images that come with most emails, even though email programs normally hide them.
  • Design your email campaign as you would an engaging conversation. An ongoing dialogue will keep your customers engaged and give you the opportunity to respond to their feedback.
  • Find out what your potential and current customers are doing. Your content should always include some open-ended questions to give your prospects and customers the opportunity to carry on revealing two-way conversations with you. Also, learn which pages on your website are most popular, how often they visit and evaluate your customers’ behaviors.
  • Experiment with different content, marketing campaign styles and make them as personal as possible. Mixing and matching content–and analyzing the results–will give you the information you need to test the results of your campaign.
  • Automate as much as possible, creating more freedom and time to be creative with your content. Whether you generate it yourself or purchase quality content from an experienced freelancer, you want to maximize your time for creating and evaluating your strategy.

Pay close attention to the details of your content and strategy. As important as the right content and right strategy is to successful email campaigns, the details of your communications are the critical link that makes it all work.

Prospects and customers are more discerning than ever. They become engaged with businesses that understand and respect them. Utilizing quality content marketing, backed by a great strategy and a close attention to details, should deliver you the results you crave.