SMS hasn’t always been regarded as a marketing tool but society has started to notice the benefits of mobile technology. Many businesses have already incorporated SMS marketing but during the past year sports teams are starting to see the light as well. While SMS works great for businesses, sports leagues can benefit the same, if not more, from incorporating it into their marketing plan.

In December of 2011 the Phoenix Suns made it known they would be starting an SMS campaign in order to draw in more fans. There are a variety of ways sports teams can get fans more involved through SMS messaging including providing the latest schedule, scores, team information, player stats, and something most fans extremely enjoy; contests and giveaways. Everyone loves free stuff and sports fans are no exception. Who doesn’t want a football autographed by their favorite football player without having to pay a dime?

Who Benefits The Most

While sports leagues and organizations will benefit the most from using a campaign that is accessible with any phone service or type of phone, not all campaigns allow this. While the Smartphone has seemed to take over the mobile world, you might be surprised to learn that many people do not own a Smartphone. Using an SMS marketing strategy that every fan can partake in will prove more successful than targeting certain service providers or phones.

It’s easy to succumb to the hype of mobile apps available for Smartphones but using this sole strategy means a large percentage of your targeted fans are going to miss out. Most phones allow for text messaging and a majority of the service providers include this in their basic phone plan. Meaning fans can easily partake in SMS campaigns regarding their favorite teams.

Another team actually recognized the hidden potential of SMS marketing earlier in 2011; the Chicago Bulls. They keep their fans updated on the latest scores, stats, and other information via text messages. Their fans enjoy this and it seems they have stumbled upon great success with this marketing strategy.

Sports From Around The World

SMS marketing doesn’t only work for the USA sports teams and organizations but also for other countries that have popular sports and wide fan bases. This is probably due to the significant impact SMS marketing can have for sports organizations. Sending simple, straightforward text messages to fans that provide a call-to-action entices them to take action and remain engaged with the latest team updates.

When you send an SMS message the recipient receives it right away. This seems to be a more successful method than using email or other means that fans won’t always read or see. When the fans sign up for instant alerts they stay current with schedules, scores, information about their favorite team and contests or promos.

How Is This Effective

So just how is SMS marketing so effective for these sport leagues? It’s a more affordable marketing solution that allows them to send bulk messages so that it reaches every fan. This helps them build a loyal fan base, attract new fans, reach fans at any time and any place, all the while keeping fans current on the latest news.

With the economy in more troubling times many people cannot afford to pay the rising ticket prices to watch their favorite team but with the use of mobile marketing teams can provide deals that allow many fans to get involved again. Fans can also enjoy trivia games and other fun promotions offered by the league, never missing a beat because they instantly receive SMS alerts based on their preferences.

SMS mobile marketing is a great solution for both sports leagues and businesses alike. Building an effective mobile marketing strategy will ensure you get the most out of your SMS marketing campaign. Want to join the mobile technology revolution? Consider how you can incorporate SMS into your own marketing strategy.