The upcoming Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers should be an exciting game as these teams rank as the top two teams defensively in the NFL. However, this game is not just about winning the Super Bowl. It is also about who has the better hair.

Troy Polamalu has been sizing up his competition since he came into the league eight years ago. However, he is perhaps known more for his hair rather than his play. He has not cut it since in over 10 years, thus letting it grow to nearly three feet long. The shampoo brand Head and Shoulders have taken notice of this and proceeded to sign an endorsement deal with Polamalu and take out a $1 million dollar insurance policy on his hair as well. This is a great move on the part of Head and Shoulders as endorsing one of the best and well known players in the NFL will attract men to buy their product. However, Polamalu’s competitor in the Super Bowl, Clay Matthews, wants to throw his name in the mix as having the best hair in the NFL.

Upon defeating the Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship game pitting the Packers against Polamlu’s Steelers a reporter asked Matthews about a possible hair endorsement. Matthews responded, “I’ve been throwing it out there and just getting shunned. I don’t know what it is…America, I’m looking for a hair deal.”

Suave, which has recently formulated its shampoo products for men, took notice of Matthews long flowing golden locks and signed him to an endorsement deal. It’s something Matthews has been looking forward to and is very excited about. Endorsing Clay Matthews should help their brand in the long run. Matthews is one of the budding superstars in the league playing in only his second season. His long blonde hair paired with Suave and superstar status in the NFL will help Suave gain market share in hygiene products for men. This especially helps at a time when competing brands such as Axe, Gillette, and Nivea are fighting for market share among the male demographic.

Only time will tell but I think Suave laid their biggest hit, no pun intended, on their competitors by scooping up and signing Matthews to a deal. His hair is becoming just as famous as he is. Other brands such as Dove for Men have tried signing athletes such as Albert Pujols to endorse products, but the problem with Pujols is that he is almost bald and Dove can only rely on his popularity in sports when marketing to men, unlike Suave who can rely on both Matthews hair and popularity. 

Personally I think Matthews has better hair than Polamalu, but I am biased as I’m a Packers fan and am a blonde. Who do you think has the best hair in sports and would you use them to market your shampoo?