If you are a retailer you know that research indicates that 75% of purchasing decisions are made when the customer is in-store yet nearly 80% of customers often leave the store without buying anything. You also know that people in the store are more likely to buy something they already know about than something completely new. This means that if you can remind them of these things or get a sales person to assist, the likelihood of purchase increases.

Browsing the Store

What you might not know is that between 30% and 40% of customers leave a store without having had any staff interaction. Many of them are potentially high value/worth customers. What most doesn’t know is that there is a quite easy way to keep them in the store longer, browsing and preventing them to leave without having engaged with your staff.

The solution I am talking about is mobile queuing and mobile appointment booking. The target is to eliminate unwanted waiting in the store, and getting people to stay longer in the store and actively browse. The solution is also about always assuring that you as retailer connect the customer with your best resource at any given time based on the customer profile and need.

One example of a company that has implemented an in-store mobile solution to support a multichannel strategy is  Elkjøp, the Nordics’ leading consumer electronics chain, part of Dixons retail, with annual sales of USD 4.3 billion in hundreds of stores. Elkjop’s vision is to become the planet’s most customer centric retail chain. All sales reps are responsible for the satisfaction of each customer – regardless of cost.

While in store, customers can get digital help. For example, they can talk to an expert on the phone while waiting to be served. They can also browse and learn more about various products on Elkjøp web sites. But waiting time in stores negatively affects customers’ experiences this is why Elkjøp allows customers to be placed in a virtual queue with the help of their mobile phone. The store manager also uses a mobile solution to receive real-time alerts on the customer service situation.

The mobile solution ensures that customers:

  • Are cared for equally as well in stores as they are on online.
  • Always get fast assistance from top-notch experts with reduced waiting time.

In summary, an in-store mobile solution can assist you to increase conversion rates, transaction value and revenue per relationship. And ultimately providing a better experience with your brand.

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