Listing on Amazon is soo very easy that many of us get lazy. I mean, you find the catalog match, hit the sell yours button, enter price and condition and quantity and that’s it. What else is there to do, right? Well, if your sales on Amazon aren’t as high as you’d like, here are some tips to review your listings and see if you can’t improve their ‘findability’ and make more sales.

Almost all sales on Amazon are from a search. While some customers do use the navigation bar on the left hand side to browse, most will simply use the top product search bar.

Therefore one of the keys to selling more is making sure your items appear in more searches. Making sure your product keywords match what most people put into that search bar is the key. Amazon will pull keyword matches from the product title, ID, brand/designer, manufacturer, and the search terms listed on the product. Many Amazon sellers don’t even realize there are things you can do to improve an Amazon catalog page and your individual listing, to put those keywords where Amazon search will find them. Here are a few places to start:

  • Product Title – on the product title the most important keywords should be first, and make sure you use all the characters you need. Keep the title customer friendly, which means readable, but remember, customers don’t use punctuation when typing in search terms so any of those are not needed and waste spaces. You are experimenting to find the combination of keywords that is most helpful to someone searching for your item.
  • Search Terms – When creating a listing, Amazon allows sellers to include an additional five ‘Search terms.’ These are valuable places to include more keywords to help your items to get found. Remember, Amazon will automatically include the Title, Merchant name and Brand name in search terms so you don’t need to waste space including any of those.
  • Filtered Navigation – This is a new improvement from Amazon where a seller can include detailed product descriptions such as size and color in your listings. Always use these special search places when available to make the item easier to find for the majority of customers.

For items where you are creating the product page, you have total control over these areas and should be extra careful to fill them all out. Take the extra few minutes to do a complete listing and it will pay off in additional sales.

For items where you are just listing ‘against the catalog’ for your items, you are not completely powerless. Most items can be edited by going into your inventory. Click on active, then from the listing you want to improve, use the actions drop down box to select ‘Edit Details.’

Click the tabs at the top of the page to provide images, edit all of the fields we talked about above. When finished, just click the save and finish at the bottom of the page.

If you have not been filling out the information completely, this could be a good job to tackle 10 listings a day; or better yet, get your Virtual Assistant (VA) started on this task.

Update those listings and watch the sales improve as more customers find your listings!