philips likeabrat

Brats are defining the new cool, being gentlemen is passé. Arjun Kapoor, the actor who has taken Bollywood by storm is the new brat in town, thanks to that sexy trimmed stubble and a matching cool quotient. The actor has been championing the cause for a brat philosophy ever since being signed in as the brand ambassador by Philips India for its male grooming products.

The personal care brand has roped in the actor to promote its range of face stylers and other grooming kits including the Pro Skin Advanced beard trimmers, through its new campaign ‘Like a Brat’. The campaign has leveraged television, radio, outdoor and digital to promote the new brat philosophy of ‘Bold Rebellious and Trimmed’.

The TVC film has introduced the ‘Brat Manifesto’ that helps define brats and what they stand for.

On the digital front, a dedicated microsite has been created for the campaign where one can register to be a brat and pledge their allegiance to the cause. Conceptualized and designed by digital agency Isobar, the ‘Like a Brat’ microsite has been designed to cater to a community of brats and spread the brat philosophy.

It provides a Facebook login that makes it easy to register at the site with your email and a password. Once you’re in, the campaign video plays on, after which one needs to tale a virtual oath of awesomeness over a candle. Switch on the webcam and place your hands above the candle and repeat the pledge. The pledge video is then created and can be submitted or recorded again.


‘Bratify Me’ helps you identify your brat species. You can share this on Facebook and Twitter or invite your friends to find out their brat species. The site lists your brat twins too – your Facebook friends who are brats too!

‘Brat Academy’ enlightens one through ‘Brat lingo’, ‘Brat Memes’ and ‘Look a Brat’. While you can learn new brat words at brat lingo, brat memes are visually appealing and shareable too. The ‘Look a brat’ section educates you on beard styles and trimming techniques. One can share their own words and memes and join the gallery. The microsite also provides the information on the Philips trimmer along with a buy link.

‘Dare a Brat’ can get you a chance to be featured in an episode of ‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 2 on MTV.

The brand is using social media to drive users to the microsite. The Philips Men India Facebook and Twitter pages are actively sharing the brat philosophy by inviting users to take the pledge at the site. Users have been engaged with the help of the ad film, memes, and #Likeabrat contest where the wittiest three tweets made with #LikeABrat hashtag on what makes them a brat were gratified with the Philips beard trimmer.

Building a community of brats

Personal grooming for the youth today is defined by individuality. Young people want to break away from conventional systems and dare to explore the world with their own rules. And brands selling to the youth are aligning their communication just as Philips has with its ‘Like a Brat’ campaign.

Interestingly, instead of being just a one off campaign, the brand has invested into building a community of brats for life. For Philips, this could be a rich database of young, look-conscious, stylish men that could be mined for promoting its wide range of personal grooming products.

Design-wise, the microsite is a cool collation of everything bratty. The webcam integration for the oath is impressive and together with the brat lingo, memes and beard styles, the site provides good stuff to chew on. The opportunity to feature on television might be a cool incentive too. The problem, however, would be to keep the engagement going. Social media conversations on #Likeabrat need to be sustained for a long term community of brats or the bold and the trimmed.