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In 2003 I had my first child. Back in these archaic times our cell phones were not smart and only made and received phone calls (tough some could text, I did not have this feature.) Additionally, I was still using my Internet Service Provider home page to search the Internet and I was ahead of most of the parents I knew. I found a handful of parenting sites and parenting resources to help me figure a few things out with having a new baby.

Researching products and information was not something that was done online. We grabbed the parenting magazines at the obstetrician’s office or signed up for a subscription. We moms also relied on one another, chatting about new products or play places while waiting to pick up our kids from preschool or over coffee while the babies slept in their strollers.

A LOT has changed in 13 years.

Today, there is an overload of information, literally right at our fingertips. The Internet now has more influence on parents’ decisions. Parents today are more informed and aware. Moms are on Social Networks, joining mom groups and talking to friends. They are researching products on their phones while standing in the aisle at Target. Moms have a lot more information at their disposal to help make decisions.

71% of parents say that their children factor into the purchasing decisions.

Parents are using mobile phone “to make informed purchasing decisions.” (Facebook Insights) 30% of Baby Boomer parents and 48% of Millennial parents are using mobile devices to determine what they purchase.

This gives brands and marketers a greater opportunity to reach these buyers. It is increasingly necessary for brands to provide these consumers with relevant information in a mobile-friendly way. “Globally, parents are more likely to use Facebook when making family-purchasing decisions.”

Parents 1

In addition to Facebook, parents are also using Instagram (owned by Facebook.) Moms see Instagram as a way to keep up with their favorite businesses.

Parents 2

Brands are going to need to recognize and acknowledge the influence kids have on their parents’ decision-making. US Parents with a child under 13 are more likely to feel pressured to by what their child suggests. As their children grow, parents are more receptive, happier and proud to have their children’s input.

Parents say their children have more impact on purchasing decisions. The age of the child factors into the parents’ decisions:

Parents 33

The fact is, kids today are growing up with technology as “second-nature.” (Facebook Insights) Kids tend to be the teacher and the parents the students. This means that parents are using technology to create their trusted circle. Brands can earn their way in by building confidence in their products and services that the kids are expressing interest in and helping the parents stay informed.

The bottom line is that kids are influencing what purchases are made in the household and parents are listening. Companies need to start creating campaigns that inform parents and interest the children if they want to stay relevant.

Social Media is quickly becoming even more necessary for a business to succeed in today’s world.


Facebook study conducted around the world. Including 25 to 65-year-olds with children of infants, toddlers, adolescents and teens. Covering the United States and seven other markets as well as collecting feedback from 8,300 parents and five parenting experts. Click to see more on the study.