October Christmas shopping

Now, throughout this post I am going to try a restrain myself as much as possible from using the word ‘Christmas’ as I like you, think it’s way too early to break out the Christmas talk.

However, upon visiting my little nephews the other day, every single advert that came on the television was greeted with “I would like that for Christmas uncle Jake” or “Daddy can I add that to my Santa list”

Now I am sure if you have or have had kids at this age yourself, then this situation is nothing new to you, and I am sure you have been playing the “I am going to call Santa” card every time they play up for some time now – if not I recommend it highly.

This early festive talk however does not seem to be just for the kids, it seems that many of us now are planning and trying to get a lot of our festive presents sourced and bought early – maybe to spread the cost, or maybe just to beat the queues.

In the US getting your festive shopping done early in October seems to be the norm, with Oracle Marketing Cloud and Edison research suggesting that the majority of Americans get the bulk of their presents bought in October.

In Britain the favoured day for their festive shopping exploits seems to be October 24th according to the Daily Mail, with 41% of the British public venturing out to the shops to get those early presents in the bag.

November with it’s shopping crazed Black Friday of course now plays a huge part for retailers and ecommerce sites in it’s lead up to the Christmas spending, and give a perfect chance for retailers and marketeers to flex their muscles and show off their products to get some sales.

However with so many of us now getting our shopping done in October are retailers going to have to sharpen their marketing pencils early and start to think about an October marketing plan?

Orange may well be the new black, but it looks like October is becoming the new December.

Original Post:  Text Marketer