nestle munch munchificaiton

Youngsters in the country are a self assured lot. A look at the auditions for the television reality show, MTV Roadies and you would be taken aback by the confidence they ooze despite the many flaws that define them. Taking a cue from this insight, wafer chocolate brand Munch has launched a whole new philosophy around ‘MUNCHIfication’.

The Nestlé owned wafer chocolate bar has roped in actor Sushant Singh Rajput to promote MUNCHIfication as the new brand anthem. MUNCHIfication inspires consumers to celebrate their individuality while redefining themselves with their flaws and all. Embrace who you are, you’re a superstar, goes the description for the new ad campaign.

Conceptualised and executed by JWT, the 2-minute ad film features Sushant as a happy go lucky guy always trying his luck with impressing women. He doesn’t seem to be disheartened one bit that his broken English is continuously falling flat in front of his flirting antics, whether it is the female foreign tourist seeking directions to Connaught Place, or the girl reading an English book in a library or an audition for Shakespeare, where Sushant spurts lines like – O broken khidki se light, tu hai sun aur moon se bright!

Till one day that he chews apart a Munch with a resounding crunch that suddenly sets things rolling in his favour – the folks at the Shakespeare audition, the readers in the library look on as he makes a trending fashion out of his ‘broken English’ and his ‘toota bhaashan’ with a ‘samasya ka munchifiation’. A catchy number by singer Mika Singh begins to play on as Sushant breaks into a dance and song routine along with the onlookers.

The ad ends with the voiceover saying,’ Nestle Munch khao, apne #MunchPeAao’.

Uploaded on the Nestlé Munch YouTube channel on Jan. 20, the video has gained over 200K views within a week, with help from YouTube pre-rolls. The new philosophy has been extended on to social media with the hashtag #MUNCHification forming the focus of conversation. The ad has been appreciated with the catchy song by Mika going places. One can download it from a link provided by youth entertainment channel, MTV India.

MUNCHification – the crunch evolves

Nestlé Munch has come a long way in its communication around the ‘crunch’. All set in 2015 with the new face of the brand Sushant Singh Rajput replacing cricketer Virat Kohli, the wafer chocolate brand is hoping to redefine ‘crunch’ with the new campaign. The ‘crunch’ is more like a funny war cry to the commoners, thereby making ‘#MUNCHification’ a trend that must be followed.

It appeals to youngsters all the more with its ‘in your face’ celebration of broken English and not letting the so called English speaking elite overshadow their uniqueness. Furthermore, it tends to appeal to folks from all layers of society with its humorous mix of English and Hindi coupled with the catchy Mika number. Partnering with a youth channel only pushes forth the message to the relevant TG.

#MUNCHification would need to create more avenues on social media to further bond with millennials. Perhaps Nestlé Munch could begin by having conversations in ‘broken English’ on its social media pages.