If you’re like me you’ve been in the same room as your desktop computer and, instead of crossing said room to check your bank account balance, you pick up the smartphone sitting next to you and open your bank’s app. Does that make me lazy or efficient? Or is it indicative of a greater shift in consumer behavior…that our smartphones are the first things we think to turn to when searching for information?

comScore research shows that for four straight months there has been a steady YOY decline in in time spent on desktops.

desktop time spent

Consumer attention is shifting. But how does it impact mobile search, how consumers engage with a business, and what marketers must do to stay in front of their customers?

Mobile and Desktop Consumer Mindset Differs

Searches on mobile are different than searches on desktops. Consumers’ mindsets are different, and they expect different things. Marketers need to understand these differences to create effective paid search campaigns.

mobile search

People running searches on mobile devices have different needs and expectations than if they were sitting in front of a desktop computer. Smartphones are always present and always on, and they enable us to take immediate action and run a search whenever we want to learn, find, buy, or do something.

Smartphone searches are in the moment, and searchers have high expectations and low patience. They want immediate information, answers, and assistance. When they want to engage with a company, they prefer to use click-to-call buttons to have an immediate conversation rather than fill out a web form and wait for someone to contact them.

Mobile Local Search Volumes Are Exploding

Another big difference between mobile and desktop searches is in the area of local search. Local search is becoming heavily mobile. Between 40% and 50% of all mobile searches have local intent, and in 2014 for the first time local search volumes on mobile surpassed desktop. That disparity continues to grow, as does the overall volume of local searches: mobile local searches are growing 23% a year (while desktop volumes are decreasing) as the total number of local searches are expected to double from 2014 to 2019.

And local searches on mobile have very high purchase intent:

  • 65% of mobile local searches want to complete a purchase within a day
  • 64% of those purchases happen offline
  • 53% of mobile shoppers using local search called a business

Capture Consumer Attention From Mobile

Mobile search drives call conversions at an astounding rate – your customers are calling. And these calls convert to revenue at a far higher rate than web leads. They are the leads sales teams want most, and marketers most need to generate and track with call attribution software.

mobile search

Calls from mobile search are exploding thanks to smartphones and click-to-call. Get our Click-to-Call Playbook for Paid Search to learn the latest strategies to drive even more calls and sales in a mobile world.

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