M-Commerce is “the delivery of electronic commerce capabilities directly into the consumer’s hand, anywhere, via wireless technology.”[1] Many choose to think of Mobile Commerce as meaning “a retail outlet in your customer’s pocket.” (Wikipedia)

This year 6 in 10 Holiday shoppers in the US planned to shop online or on mobile devices.

The 3 groups that are driving mobile commerce are Millennials, Moms and Multicultural shoppers, according to Facebook’s new data.  This group is “younger, more diverse and more focused on mobile.”  (Facebook IQ)

Millennials, Moms and Multicultural Shoppers drove 81% of all mobile sales during the 2014 Holiday Shopping Season.  (Facebook IQ)


Identified as those born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s, millennials grew up online and on mobile devices.  They are the early adopters of behaviors and activities that everyone will be doing soon.”  (Facebook IQ) During their lifetime they have seen mobile morph from simple talking devices, to texting to a device that does everything.

  • 30% of Millennials online purchases are on mobile devices.
  • 62% of Millennials use mobile phones to shop.
  • 44% of Millennials prefer to shop in an app.
  • 61% of Millennials download retail apps.

In order to keep up, marketers and business owners will need to adopt the mobile mentality and think and act like a Millennial.


Having children changes everything.  Life gets a lot more chaotic and busy, moms use mobile devices primarily because of convenience.  The device offers information that can be accessed at any time and helps them to stay- connected and informed.  Mobile devices allow moms to make more informed and smarter purchases.

  • 83% of moms say they always have their mobile device with them.
  • 53% of Millennial moms say mobile devices make them better consumers.
  • 33% of online purchases by moms are on mobile.
  • 67% of moms anticipate more purchases on mobile in the year ahead.

“Moms, particularly Millennial moms, are applying their tech-savvy to decision making.”  (Facebook IQ) They are embracing mobile to learn more about products, read reviews, get advice and drive purchases to the  next generation.  Understanding this demographic, marketers and business owners with products and services directed to this group need to understand that moms want information before purchasing.


For Hispanics in the United States, mobile devices are the main way they connect with their family and friends and how they get information.  This particular group is leading the mobile revolution with “more mobile devices and more time spent on those devices than Non-Hispanics.”  (Facebook IQ)

  • 27% of all mobile transactions during the 2014 Holiday Season were made by Hispanics on Facebook.
  • 43% of purchases by Hispanics were online.
  • 38% of purchases by Hispanics were on mobile devices.
  • Hispanics spent 6 hours more on mobile devices than Non-Hispanics in a typical month.

“The Hispanic population is the fastest growing ethnic group in the US.”  (Facebook IQ) Marketers and business owners need to understand the cultural shift to mobile-savvy shoppers as this minority becomes the majority.

For more information on this data and to see the full INFOGRAPHIC, visit Facebook IQ.