Football is the most loved sport in the world because of its fans. This is the message that the fast food chain McDonald’s is trying to spread this 2014 FIFA World Cup. The official restaurant of the sport has once again revised its relationship with the games being played in Brazil.

To roll the ball McDonald’s launched a TVC which had no football stars but fans who can give stars a run for their money. The ad is about fans and their breathtaking tricks with the football. The less than two minute ad also features a girl rocking the football on the streets in a party dress, while an old man gives shivers to youngsters with his skills. The ad features five fans of every age group rocking the ball and has earned more than 4 million views.

To engage with fans McDonald’s has created an augmented reality app where you can test your scoring skills while being challenged with hurdles. A microsite has been created which showcases the ad, while providing app store links and a video that shows you how to play the game. Please be advised to check the video other wise you will spend a lot of time on how to scan and activate the game.

For the augmented experience to work, you would need to buy a pack of the FIFA 2014 Special Edition fry boxes. One more excuse to get unhealthy? Anyways I was lucky to visit the store recently and I had the chance to grab the new FIFA fry boxes.

Scan the box and follow the instructions (check the app demo video). You would have two major screens as shown below:


The first image in the screen grab gives you various options on the spinning ball. While you can launch the game from here after scanning, you can always check the leader board, list of badges and countries that are playing the game.

I was more excited to score some goals with a tap of my finger. To do so you would require to select your favorite team and then pass the different levels. You can keep the music on to build up the tempo, and the app keeps advising on how to make the game interesting. The interactive effort of the app is interesting. Besides I did manage a decent score while un-locking some cool badges.

An interesting augmented experience that McDonald’s has tied up with its TVC and its brand message for the FIFA World Cup.

Social media promotion by McDonald’s India

McDonald’s India has extended the global campaign to its social media community by spreading the message on its networks. The brand has been showcasing the specially designed fry boxes and informing the fans about the GOL! app.

Mc Donalds GOL app

Together with Facebook, Twitter has been updating more or less the same to its 625 followers. Offline stores are also promoting the game along with social media.

McDonald’s most publicized portion of advertising in relation to the tournament – Player Escort Program has also been extended to India. The brand ran a month long program which was launched on April 1 in 183 McDonald’s restaurants across west and south India participating in it.

The consumer focused program allowed one child accompanied by a parent or guardian, a chance to travel to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil; they had to purchase a Happy Meal (from April 1 to 30) and give a missed call to a dedicated number. Thereafter they had to punch in the provided code, answer a FIFA related question correctly and be shortlisted for a lucky draw.

The 1,408 lucky kids from across 70 countries are getting a chance to hold hands of the football stars, walk into the ground before a global audience. These kids will also have fun items such as football matches for kids and sight seeing tours of Rio de Janeiro.

The same was promoted on social media with a TVC which barely received any visibility. In fact the Facebook page went slow on the same and was busy promoting #RoyaleDuo.

The global campaign extension by MCDonald’s India is similar to what Pepsi India has done recently. These extensions are great but the social media efforts can be enhanced considering that FIFA World Cup receives great support from India. Or do the brand managers perceive us to be a only-cricket-loving nation?