Maximize Holiday Sales this Year with Social Media

holiday shopping

The big shopping season is almost here.  If you are a brick-and-mortar retail shop or even an ecommerce store or any business offering products or services, the holidays mean big revenue.

With just over a month until Black Friday, the official start of the holiday shopping season, it’s time to get your seasonal promotions in order and ready to go.  49% of marketers create and launch their holiday campaigns before Halloween. (HubSpot)

If you have not considered Social Media as a starting point for your promotions this year you may want to consider these statistics:

  • 64% of shoppers bought a product because of something they saw on Twitter.
  • 8% of consumers will turn to Social Media sites to find the perfect gift.
  • Pinterest revenue per visit is expected to increase by 150%.
  • 4% will Tweet about a promotional offer or a great find.
  • 67% of consumers would likely share a coupon on Facebook during the holidays.

(Statistics Source:  HubSpot)

Many brick-and-mortar retailers are trading in their print ads for Social Media Advertising.  Ecommerce sites have typically relied on online strategies to communicate offers, but with 47% of consumers stating that the internet is their favorite shopping destination and the increased competition it may be time to update your online visibility with Social Media.

Facebook provides a great place to start your holiday advertising campaign.  Just take a look at one online retailer’s success with Facebook Ads below.

Adore Me, an online retailer of lingerie specializing in bras and sleepwear, set up a Thanksgiving-Cyber Monday sale on Facebook.  Their goals were to acquire new customers, expand their VIP membership sign-ups and compete with the larger national online lingerie retailers.  They used Facebook Ads to target young professional women, aged 18 to 36.

The results of their 5-day campaign included:

  • 1,500 new customers acquired
  • 2,500 unique purchases
  • 15X increase in new member registrations
  • 40X boost in site traffic

“We knew that our message would reach our customers and cut through all the noise of the holiday season, thanks to Facebook’s advanced targeting options.” Chloé Chanudet, VP marketing, Adore Me

If you want to stay competitive during the holiday season you may want to consider adding a solid Social Media marketing strategy and advertising campaign.

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