Consumers switched brands and service providers at a more rapid pace in 2012, according to Accenture’s Global Consumer Survey. This may be tough news for brands to hear, but the more interesting fact and important opportunity is that 85% say that they wish they would not have been driven to switch. Consumers want to be loyal!

Consumer loyalty is a win-win for brands and their customers, especially when those customers are Moms. As we reflect back on 2012 and make our Mom marketing resolutions for the year ahead, we’re prioritizing the fostering of her loyalty.

Loyalty equals routine for Moms, something she values in most aspects of her life because it keeps the family machine running smoothly. She certainly loves new products, especially when they solve a problem for her or her family, but when it comes to the fundamentals of running the household and caring for her children, having reliable brands, retailers and service providers who deliver consistently is critical to her success. Today’s Mom typically invests a lot of time researching products and services before she takes the leap and makes a purchase. She hates to waste her time starting from scratch unless she truly feels a switch is necessary.

When she’s rewarded for her consistency, be it with a product that always delivers or via an actual rewards program, her loyalty grows stronger, as does the likelihood of her singing your praises to her network. Even when there is a problem, she is likely to forgive if the customer service experience corrects the issue without a lot of time and drama.

As the study points out, it’s frequently bad customer service experiences that drive customers to look elsewhere. The key to success is often in anticipating the types of issues that can potentially arise. Then training and empowering reps to thoughtfully and efficiently deal with them.  A well-executed resolution to a Mom’s problem can strengthen her loyalty or even turn her into a brand advocate when it’s demonstrating a brand’s commitment to her complete satisfaction.

The fundamentals to keeping Mom loyal are delivering a consistently positive brand experience and, just in case things don’t go perfectly, easy and effective customer service.  Brands lucky enough to have won Mom as a customer shouldkeep in mind her desire to be loyal and place fostering that loyalty on top of the 2013 resolution list.