There comes a time in everyone’s business career when you begin to wonder if you are doing anything different than your competitors.?

You wonder, if you are doing the same thing as them, what is going to make your business do any better or make you succeed where they have not. Herein is the secret to all business growth – if your competitors are doing it exactly the same, you are right, you won’t stand out.

So what are you going to do differently? First of all, if your competitors are buying the same standard bulk email list as you, all your edge lies in your ad copy. But, there is another thing you can do. Why don’t you buy a different email list, one that is meaningful to you, one that challenges the status quo and goes after a new line of customers? Some forward thinking email list companies now give you the option to do just that – you can create the list you need. So now, not only will you have the competitive edge of your ad copy, you will hopefully being reaching a whole new target audience.

restaurateurSo now that you have this new list, why is it any better than sending direct mail via the post office? Again, simple enough and a fair question to be asking.

For one, email marketing is considerably less expensive than direct mail marketing. Aside from the postage costs, you also save on printing and manpower hours of staff stuffing envelopes or making runs to the post office. Email is quick and efficient as well as flexible. For example, let’s say you want to offer a special sale or promotion and you intend to send that via direct mail, only to find out that after printing all the material and getting ready for shipment that a competitor just undercut your offer. Now what are you going to do with all this mail? Had you gone with an email approach, you could quickly and easily change your ad copy in defense of the competitor’s promotion.

Also, email allows your customers to immediately move from their email inbox to your online store front. Simple links in your email ad campaign can move them one step closer to a sale. It is just too easy to put direct mail in the trash and never even look at what you have to offer. Email on the other hand can have them in your store before they know it!