Labor Day is the unofficial end to those sunny summer days and most head out on the road (or through the air) hoping to grab ahold of those last few lazy hazy moments by heading to the shore or somewhere “summer-like” to soak up the last rays before accepting that it’s time to seriously get back to the grind.

According to AAA, 66 percent of U.S. adults plan to take a leisure trip between Memorial Day and Labor Day this year, and most planned on an average of taking 3.5 trips during that time. Those last 1.5 trips are probably happening around Labor Day weekend. The farthest idea from some travelers’ minds may be shopping online, but this Labor Day, you may be able to catch more than just waves and the final days of summer sun, you may actually catch some hot summer deals.

End of summer sales haven’t always been the prime time to flock to the shops, but they have grown over recent years offering more sales and deeper discounts. An analysis of overall online sales showed that some Labor Day sales have been, and are predicted to be, even bigger than those Black Friday deals. That’s right, bigger and more heavily discounted than some Black Friday specials!

So since Black Friday is known for the kicking off the holiday shopping season and crazy sales that result in camping out overnight and standing in line for hours, who would have thought that Labor Day might have even more to offer? It’s true that in terms of volume, Black Friday has much more on sale, but if a shopper knows what they are looking for they can save more money by shopping the sales of Labor Day, which can be a bigger benefit through big ticket items.

Because of the nature of the sales cycle and change of seasons, end of summer sales generally feature items that retailers are trying to move out of their stores for the new fall stock, and that can include big ticket items such as cars. As an annual celebration that is highly promoted and a success for Honda, they host their Summer Clearance Event, which runs through Labor Day weekend and entices car shoppers to grab those 2013 models so they can clear the showroom and open space for the 2014 models as they roll off the production line.

Another big ticket deal could be booking a vacation, so keep an eye out for travel sales if you know you will be booking a vacation within the next year. Since most people are wrapping up their summer travel, they are rarely focused on future trips and the travel industry wants to keep making money, so they may have some offers that are only available this time of year.

So while traveling this Labor Day, grab your mobile device (as long as you aren’t the driver) and browse online for some deep discounts. While Black Friday may always be known for the big sales, Labor Day has some hidden gems to offer and what better way to end the summer than with a big deal? Labor Day may just become the new Black…Monday!

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