We are bombarded every day with advertisements from businesses on the radio, social media, and our drive through town. Due to the constant churning of new marketing material, it’s hard to follow brands unless they catch your attention immediately. If you decided to start a website for your small business, you know exactly what we are saying.

Your job is to turn strangers into curious consumers in hopes that they will turn into loyal customers. There are strategies you can use to improve the odds that you’ll see organic growth and sales, regardless of the size and scope of your business. Our goal is to help you stand out from the competition and naturally draw people to your website.

Let’s explore several ways you can draw in more curious consumers, starting with the first stage of website design, your coming soon page.

Start Building Curiosity Pre-Launch

Don’t let the “marketing gurus” fool you; your coming soon page is just as important as your homepage on launch day. A website without any semblance of a community will likely end up dead on arrival. It’s possible to dig yourself out of this hole, but why take the risk?

When you create a page that lets consumers know that your website is under construction, you can start explaining your goals, brand mission, and why consumers should care. Use this opportunity to start growing your email list with subscribers interested in what you’re creating. The more people you get engaged with your website pre-launch, the better chance you have at starting day one of your business with a substantial following.

We recommend making a coming soon page like the one below:

This coming soon page hits all of the marks you should aim for when creating a landing page for your visitors. Although the site isn’t live, you can see the purpose of the business, contact them if you have questions, like them on social media, and sign up for the mailing list. The best way to start driving people to your website early is by creating and promoting your pre-launch page as soon as possible.

Invest in High-Quality Customer Service

Customer service is essential during every stage of the sales cycle. One study revealed that 75 percent of consumers expect an answer from a business within five minutes. If you don’t have a team ready to handle customer questions or a chatbot featured on your home page, you could miss out on hundreds or even thousands of sales.

Think about the last time you were curious about a product or service. Odds are, you checked out the website first and tried to see if you could learn more about the brand and products. Now imagine you couldn’t find an answer to your question, and there’s no way to contact the site to get your question answered. Now your curiosity is dwindling. You’re likely wondering if you should bother pursuing this business since they didn’t bother to add a simple live chat function to your website.

You should have a customer service team ready to help drive consumers through your sales funnel. Your team should have the ability to handle broad, common questions as well as focused, one-off items. The ability to seamlessly answer questions and concerns is a big step in bridging the gap between an inquiry and a sale.

Encourage Customer Feedback

The last tip we are going to discuss today centers around customer feedback. You can use feedback from existing customers in numerous ways to grow your business and turn first-time visitors into lifelong fans of your brand.

Customer reviews can help build social proof for your company. When someone lands on your page for the first time, a testimonials section can go a long way towards building trust with your audience. People want to see others using and enjoying your product before they buy something from your website. Check out the example below, and you can see how this feedback can sway a wary consumer.

You can also add Google Analytics to WordPress and use your traffic and demographic information combined with survey results to build a stronger, user-friendly experience for your audience. For example, if you notice that a majority of consumers come to your website with one question you don’t have covered on your blog, you can use their query as a way to help not just the inquiring prospect, but future consumers with the same question.


There are no doubt countless ways to engage with your audience and help convince new consumers to invest in your product or service. We believe that these three tips are pillar points that every business owner should follow if they hope to improve their lead generation efforts and sales substantially.