Customer satisfaction is one of the most important parts of a business. Retaining existing customers and gaining new customers is crucial to a successful business model. There’s simply no way your business survives without proper attention to customers.

One of the easiest ways to give the proper time and attention to retaining and gaining new customers is with text marketing. Text marketing is a unique and personal way to communicate with customers. Text marketing offers a variety of tools that help your business satisfy customers by paying them the attention they deserve.

Connect with customers

Text marketing helps you connect with customers in a different way. Thus there’s a variety of ways your business interacts with customers to ensure that they are taken care of.

Customer satisfaction boils down to several factors. Excellent customer service, customer appreciation or valuation, and timely communication are the pivotal factors. Each has the ability to either endear customers to your business or turn them away.

Therefore, when each of these essential factors are in perfect harmony with one another, nothing stands in the way of your business rising to the top.

1. Include keywords on product packaging

The first way to use text marketing to track and improve customer satisfaction is including keywords on your product packaging. Depending on the type of business you run – the packaging may vary widely, however, there’s always some space to include a text marketing keyword.

Text marketing keywords help you ensure customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. Text marketing keywords, otherwise known as text message keyword campaigns, are essentially a word that is text to a number. An example of such is “Text MAKEUP to 702-718-6606 to provide feedback on your product purchase, get in contact with customer service, or watch one of our tutorial ‘how to’ videos.”

With this message on your product packaging, you can track and improve customer satisfaction based on the type of responses you receive from customers. And the great part is customers get exactly the type of help they’re looking for.

2. Filter customer service through text message

Customer service is one of the best things you can do to improve customer satisfaction. People despise having to interact with customer service, largely thanks to the terrible customer service most businesses offer. In fact 56% of customers won’t interact with a business that has poor customer service. However, customer service need not be that way.

Businesses need to do better in their efforts to help customers, especially with customer service. In fact, some businesses are already doing just that. Adobe anticipates outages and makes customers aware of the problem before customers can complain.

So, as you can see, businesses can do customer service right, they just need the tools and motivation to do so. American businesses lose a collective $62 billion a year due to poor customer service. Don’t let your business lose out. Use text marketing to help your business fulfill customer service needs the right way.

As shown in the example below, all customers need to do is text in. This triggers a preset series of messages and notifies a customer service professional who can interact with the customer one-on-one.

Therefore, text marketing facilitates customer service very easily. As long as the keyword directs customers to customer service, you are off to the races. You can handle all of your customer service with text marketing.

3. Survey customers using mass text message

One of the best ways to find out what customers really think about your business is to talk directly to them. Surveys can help you do just that. They are perfect for getting customers opinions in a seamless way.

The one thing you don’t want is a survey that’s a burden on the customer. So, make the process as painless as possible. Send the survey over text message. There are essentially two ways to do this using text marketing.

The first works if you already have a survey ready. Simply make a single message keyword campaign and insert the link into the message flow.

The second is to build the complete survey using text marketing. Simply set up a message flow that works for you. The message flow will automatically start when the keyword is text. All answers are recorded in a downloadable spreadsheet for further evaluation.

4. Track customer satisfaction with text marketing

Customer satisfaction, as stated previously, is extremely important to ascertain. It’s imperative to know exactly how customers feel about your business so you continue to meet their needs. No viable business model can operate otherwise.

An easy way to track customer satisfaction is to send out mass text messages. Mass text messages are not the same as group text messages. These messages are sent to customers at the same time, however, each text is received individually. And when a reply is made, the reply only goes to the person who originated the text rather than everyone the message was sent to.

Therefore, all you need do is send mass texts on a regular basis. This is much like customer surveys with a planned message flow that gets at the heart of customer satisfaction.

The planning of mass text messages is often called broadcast calendaring. Most text marketing platforms offer some sort of calendar for broadcast messages as they are planned in advance.

The customers that participate in multiple message keyword campaigns are automatically opted-in so you can text market to them in the future. Sending mass text messages about customer satisfaction is a great way to use customer information collected from previous text marketing keyword campaigns.

You can send mass text messages to thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of customers at a time. By the time you receive the answers, you’ll know exactly what you need to improve on with customer service as well as what you are doing well to satisfy customers’ needs.

5. Classify customers to communicate personally

A part of text marketing that is not often used is tags. However, tags are one of the most useful tools you have in text marketing to classify customers. They tell you which keywords a customer interacted with as well as which campaigns they’ve completed.

Additionally, when you interact with a customer one-on-one, that conversation is saved under the contact

in most text marketing platforms. You then can use the saved conversation to create personalized customer tags.

For example, if a customer originally interacted with your business using a specific keyword campaign, they will be tagged with that campaign. And any other campaign they interact with. There is no limit to the number of tags a customer is under.

Once customers are tagged, send specific messages directly to them. You’ll want to make sure these messages are relevant and targeted to the specific customer they’re sent to. For example, if you know that a customer only buys eye shadow from you, suggesting different color combinations is wise.

This targeted approach is far more effective than sending the customers a generalized text marketing message about all the products in your lineup of beauty supplies. That’s ineffective. If you want to sell products, sell what’s relevant to each customer.

Improve customer satisfaction with text marketing

As you can see, text marketing allows businesses to personally communicate with customers. This interaction creates constant customer satisfaction. The use of each of the text marketing tools above allows a business to provide excellent customer service. This combined with timely customer appreciation and timely communication truly make a business thrive and stand out from the crowd.

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