How to Create Great POS

Creating a great point of sale display takes a lot of design skills, layout planning and an eye for detail. The purpose of a point of sales display is to engage your target audience and encourage them to want to buy the product. A point of sales display not only displays the product in question but makes it stand out from all the other options within a store. Creating successful point of sale displays doesn’t come easy though as there is a lot of planning and evaluating involved to create the perfect POS stand. Below are some points to enable you to achieve this.

Understand your product.

Take the time to study your product: what it does, its target market and the measurements. Think about the colour scheme. Will a display look better in matching colours or will contrasting colours make it stand out more in a crowded store? Is it a really popular or well know brand? If so it may be important to bring the brand’s design and logos into the point of sale display. Take a long hard look at it. Does it stack well? Will it look better stacked on shelves or hung? What about height? Don’t be afraid to experiment.


Try to make sure you can fit in as many products as possible on the display. This will be a focal point in the stores where the display will be located. It needs to be shopper friendly which means it will be more of a product stock area rather than a visual display where shoppers can easily access the products. If it is a children’s product you may want to feature the products on the display as close to the ground as you can so that children are able to shop from it encouraging their parent or guardian to purchase.


As products will be browsed at and chosen from the point of sale display it is essential it can be easily regularly re-stocked, tidied and positioned in a hot spot area such as by the tills, at the entrance of the store and facing the front door further into the store on the walkways. Because of this you will need to ensure the design is not too bulky or space consuming as you will be limiting the amount of space stores can place it.

Eye catching design.

Many free standing point of sales displays successfully pull customers in driving sales by having bold and appropriate imagery. For some displays it is appropriate to illustrate ways in which the products can be used. Other, more complicated products may need a visual guide such as an in-built video above the point of sales display. Make sure the designs are big and bold so that they can be seen from a distance. This will draw your customers in.


Some objects stack well in little box style shelving systems whilst others may suit longer, wider shelves, broader shelf units. If a product does not stack well than you may get more products per space if they are hung in neat rows. It’s not just about how they look though, as these displays are built to be shopped from its important that they have enough storage space and that the shelves are deep enough to hold as much stock as possible.

Hopefully with these handy tips you will be designing beautiful point of sale displays in no time!