PlacePunch enables any business of any size to easily create its own mobile loyalty programs. PlacePunch’s loyalty programs enable businesses to reward their customers for “checking in” at its locations with Foursquare, Facebook Places and other social networks. PlacePunch’s loyalty programs create repeat customers for your business and help new customers discover your business through social media. Better yet, your business no longer has to print expensive loyalty cards to run a rewards programs.

Here’s how easy it is to create your own loyalty program with PlacePunch:

1.  Log into PlacePunch and click on “Reward Campaigns” in the left navigation bar.

2. Select the venues that are eligible for this loyalty program. These are the venues where customers can earn rewards for checking-in.

3. Build your loyalty program structure and enter how many times a customer must check-in to receive different rewards. For instance, if you want to send a customer a reward on their 3rd check-in, select “3.” If you want to create a tiered campaign that rewards customers for their 5th, 10th and 20th check-ins, add multiple “reward milestones.”

PlacePunch loyalty programs are completely customizable, enabling every business using PlacePunch to create a unique loyalty program.

4. Next, enter the actual rewards and deals that customers will receive with the loyalty program. For instance, on the 5th check-in guests might earn “Free Appetizer.” On the 20th check-in, guests might earn “50% Off.” Again, rewards and deals are completely customizable for what your business would like to offer.

That’s it! You’ve now successfully created your own loyalty program with PlacePunch.

The final step is to invite your guests and customers to sign up and start participating in your program. PlacePunch automatically create signup pages where your customers can join your new loyalty program. Customers can sign up with their mobile phone or on their home computer. (We recently published a marketing guide to help you tell customers how to sign up for your loyalty program with PlacePunch.)

Creating your own loyalty program with PlacePunch is that easy and simple. Your business now has its own loyalty program that will:
  • Reward your best guests and drive repeat visits
  • Help new customers discover your business through social media
  • Enable you to learn more about your guests with analytics and reports