Opportunities for beer, wine, and spirits brands to target females abound in the celebrations industry. Women, particularly moms, plan the majority of celebrations. They send invitations, buy decorations, coordinate favors, plan the food and drink menu, and do all the shopping. In fact, moms typically spend 23% of their time planning parties, holidays, get-togethers, and other events.

liquor marketingSince many celebrations call for a champagne toast, specialty cocktail, or a cooler full of beer, the alcoholic beverage industry will find a very captivated audience when it comes to women and moms.

Some of the hottest consumer trends in the beverage industry right now – lower calorie beverages, the increase in wine consumption, and beer cocktails – appeal directly to women. Women account for 64% of wine sales and that number is growing as the interest in cooking and fine dining grows. We know what women look for when running to the liquor store and marketing directly to this audience is valuable for brands.

Here are a few tips that beer, wine, and spirits marketers can use in reaching this valuable audience:

  • Alcohol brands need to market with women instead of to them. Women want to be able to relate to a brand on an emotional level rather than just filling a need. To do this, understand who your female consumer is: craft beer aficionado, frequent traveler to Napa Valley, or bargain hunter? These interests translate to what she’ll buy for the next holiday or celebration.
  • Advertising that focuses on the experience, not the product, truly resonates with female beverage consumers. Marketers and media planners can help women create an all-around party experience centered on a beverage (such as margaritas or champagne). Custom content and advertising is the ideal opportunity to do this. Sites like Punchbowl partners with brands to help them reach consumers at the beginning of the party planning process when hosts come to kick-off their event with digital invitations.
  • There’s no question that women, especially moms are busy people. Brands should help them solve a problem or just help make their lives easier. For example, Barefoot Wine’s website site features food and drink recipes, videos, party themes and suggestions for wine pairings. This site makes planning a party a snap for the host.

wine marketing

If a woman is going to put the time and effort into hosting a party, she wants to ensure that it turns out well and that guests remember it for months to come. To guarantee this happens, women do plenty of research on how to create the ultimate party experience. But they don’t do it alone. They look to brands for help. Tell them what to buy for certain occasions. Tell them how to best serve and present your product. Do it in a way that makes the host look creative and thoughtful.

For more on how you can reach consumers who spend billions on alcohol for parties every year, download the free white paper for beverage marketers today.