Google Helpouts, launched in late 2013, provides a platform for “real-time commerce” by connecting experts with consumers over live video chat, and retailers have been quick to jump on the platform to connect one-on-one with customers and prospects.

Typically, customers pay per minute or per Helpout session through Google Wallet, but there are also many free sessions available. Google offers Helpout sessions in the following categories:

  • Art & Music
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Cooking
  • Education
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Health
  • Home & Garden

UK-based fashion & beauty retailer ASOS was one of the first to utilize Helpouts, and offers three free Hangouts for consumers to choose from — one on general fashion, one on styling targeted to male shoppers, one that gives advice on stocking up on the “best jersey separates for a fresh new season.”

Over the live video chat, customer can chat face-to-face with an ASOS stylist, get fresh advice on existing wardrobe items, help with choosing outfits for special events and receive general trend and styling advice.

Techcrunch reported in July that Sears partnered with Google on internal testing prior to the public launch. Now, customers can connect with Sears’ “Blue Service Crew” over 12 different Helpouts to hear advice on topics from appliances to home electronics. The Sears Helpouts range from free to $15 for 30 minutes of help.

Sephora, another retailer using the platform, charges shoppers $15 per 15 minutes to connect with makeup artists. The beauty retailer offers 12 different hangouts, ranging from Complexion Perfection: Master the Flawless Face to Everyday Eyes: Standout in Shades of Neutral.

Online personal shopping startup Keaton Row is another retailer using the platform to connect stylists with customers to get style tips, and is charging $10 for 30 minutes of advice.

Helpout’s services also extend beyond providing individualized service and advice to online shoppers. People looking for assistance building or troubleshooting ecommerce sites can search for Helpouts specific to their platform or issue.

Given the recent findings that show that Millennials rely on word-of-mouth recommendations more than previous generations, retailers with target customer bases that include 20-somethings like ASOS, Sephora and Keaton Row are jumping at the chance to use the new platform from Google to forge deeper connections with customers. Though these interactions may not result in immediate sales, they could certainly have a positive impact on customer retention and loyalty.

Want to learn more? You can get started as a Helpout provider, or browse the selection of Helpouts.

This story originally appeared on Happy Customer