“There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location.”

This phrase, popularized by Lord Harold Samuel, a British real-estate tycoon and used time and time again across popular culture, is not only relevant to property purchases, but should also be a key rule of thumb for marketers.

When creating content, regardless of whether it be email campaigns, SEM ads or web content, location matters! Here are three tips on how to incorporate location into your website content to improve the visitor experience and engage the right target customers.

1. Conference Promotion

Are you hosting or attending a conference in which you want to attract local or regional attendees? When visitors in your target market visit your website, use that content to inform leads on where to find you at the event. Try sharing a booth number or providing a way to set up a meeting using geolocation to limit visibility to only visitors located in the conference city.

2. Nearest Store Location

Customer service is all about providing value. When your visitors come to your website, make sure the most relevant and often requested information is immediately provided. If you have multiple store locations, use geotargeting to show the nearest location plus the hours and contact details. This added layer of personalization enhances the visitor experience and fosters customer loyalty.

3. In vs. Out of Market

Across the travel and hospitality industry, geotargeting is a great tool to get the right message to their different audience segments. For in-market visitors, use your web content to

  • Make their visit easy: Promote local events happening during their stay.
  • Market to the locals: Make a staycation recommendation.
  • Mealtime recommendations: Restaurant suggestions based on location in the city.

For out of market visitors, serve personalized messaging that provides details on how to travel to your destination.

  • Drive Distance: Suggest a quick weekend road trip.
  • International: Translate homepage messages for international tourists.
  • Flight Distance: Promote travel to direct flight cities = easy travel for out of state guests.