February has begun and the holiday of love and romance will soon be among us.  It seems to be that everywhere I look; I see stores and websites decked out in red, pink, and white.  I don’t know about you, but I certainly feel that the pressure is on to find my loved one the perfect gift.  But what is the perfect gift and how do you go about finding it?  With the endless amounts of products and services out there, finding the perfect gift can almost be likened to searching for a needle in a haystack.

Fortunately, my recent logins to eZipIt present a glimmer of hope.  With the addition of a special Valentine’s Day category, the search is made easier—and I can even save money, too!  One of the first things I noticed was the addition of the new category, which presented options for him, her, and general gift ideas.  Because some of the offerings change from time to time, the variety increases the chances of finding an ideal present.

In clicking through the offerings, I can certainly say that ladies on the receiving end will not be disappointed.  Among the discounted products are beauty styling products, jewelry, perfumes, chocolates, and even electronics.  Similarly, I can see that men would be impressed recipients.  Included in the offerings are electronics, clothing, magazine subscriptions, and colognes.  For general gift-giving, there is also a notable selection of chocolates and other treats.  While the great selection alone is certainly exciting, I feel that one of the best parts is that they’re all name-brand products like Godiva.

Of course, you could always find something outside of this Valentine’s Day category.  You could plan a date night by taking advantage of discounts on movie tickets, dining, and specialty and gourmet foods.  For those really looking to go all out for the holiday, eZipIt also has discounts on luggage and travel.

With such a useful tool at hand, why pass it up?  I’ve been stressing the savings, but another added benefit is the ability to make money from this service as well.  From a previous article, I mentioned my opportunity to review this website.  While recruiting has been off to a slow start, promoting it has been very easy.  Aside from traditional word of mouth, I have used the tools provided by the website to tweet to my followers about the great savings I’m getting.  I’ve also used Facebook in a similar way to help drive results.

As I continue to use eZipIt, I’m looking forward to uncovering all that it has to offer and unlocking all of the benefits I can from it.