The majority of digital marketing companies are operating in an #AloneTogether mentality, meaning while we may be physically distant we can still come together as one. With the U.S. reaching a record 3.3 million individuals who filed for unemployment this month and a drastic hit to industries like hospitality and restaurants, many brick and mortar and small businesses (SMBs) are turning to digital to support.

Customers are still present, in fact, more than ever people are going online — just look at the skyrocketing growth of Zoom, a freemium online video and chat platform. There are industries that will boom right now for the sheer fact their product simply resonates because it is: 1) necessary; 2) the right place at the right time. For everyone else, there’s more to do and more to learn.

To ease some of the burden for those who must rely on digital right now, there’s a growing trend of companies who are their to support. Many are offering free or severely discounted rates for “the right now.” As companies continue to lay off, induce furloughs or otherwise reduce their workforce, many are coming to the rescue to help where they can.

Here are three of the most useful tools to learn, create and write currently available for SMBs and entrepreneurs to use as they navigate the world of digital marketing:


Forbes8 was the first brand out of the gate to produce and host a free, live digital summit targeting businesses with what they need right now with the F8 E-Summit, “Business Resiliency. Featuring industry hard hitters, like Rohit Bhargava, founder, Non-Obvious Company who spoke about “How To Be Remotely Innovative,” to Amber Mac, author and co-host of “The AI Affect,” who shared, “3 AI Trends (& Tools) to Grow Your Business Today,” each 15 to 20 talk was original and designed to offer useful, practical advice that can be applied right now. Anyone can now view the Summit and, bonus, Forbes8 is giving away a 7-day trial of the Forbes8 platform which is jampacked with on-demand content (search for digital marketing). pulled its extensively knowledgeable team together to launch a COVID-19 Support Hub for SMBs. Specifically designed to pull together digital marketing assets and resources for SMBs, they’ve been extremely responsive in making this as useful as possible. More than resources, the company is giving their time and expertise, too. They also transitioned their SMB Facebook Group and offer weekly support meetings. Additionally, is offering a free Promo Plan for SMBs and a Free Promo Plan for NPOs. They’re reminding SMBs: Remember, your customers are not gone, they’re just at home 🏘️⁠


This one is a game changer. If any SMB is writing online content, they need a content performance platform. To eliminate the time it takes to learn basic SEO, rules of the road for publishing and more, it’s important to find an all-in-one resource. The problem is that anyone is this space charges up to hundreds of dollars per month for access. INK has been free since it’s launch earlier in the year and has doubled down on this in recent weeks. The A.I. powered desktop writing platform helps SMBs write better and rank higher — so they have to know what they want to rank for (it’s an essential step one). For this, you can use tools, like Moz’s Keyword Explorer or SEMrush.

Additionally, the following resources are also currently available at a discounted or free cost:

Things will not improve overnight, but the best thing we can do to truly be #AloneTogether is to support those that need it most. If you want your customers to remain long after this is over, we need to provide for them now.