Your customers may not have changed…

But the way they make their buying decisions has.

  • 85% say Social Networks help them decide what to purchase (IBM Study)
  • Companies that blog enjoy 97% more leads than those that don’t. (Hubspot)

Today people are looking for products and services on the Internet – they are reading blogs, using Search Engines and spending a lot of time on the social sites. They want to know which companies their friends “like.”  They are hungry for information to validate their buying decisions. In fact, based on a recent Google study, 88% of consumers research before they buy, consulting an average of 10.4 sources.

Marketing success is a moving target. What worked last year – or even last month or last week – may not work today.

There was a time when the business owner, employee or young intern could run a successful social media program, but those days are over.  As the playing field has become more crowded and new platforms have emerged, and as Facebook, Google and other platforms have continued to tweak their algorithms, it has become more challenging for companies run their inbound marketing programs in-house.

Austin powers

For example, here are just a few things that have recently changed:

  • Because of Facebook’s recent algorithm change, companies have seen a dramatic drop in the number of “fans” who see their regular posts.
  • Facebook admits that adding ads and “boosting” posts is more important than ever.
  • Google’s Hummingbird is the biggest algorithm change in 12 years, turning traditional SEO on its head.
  • A URL’s number of Google +1s is highly correlated with search rank.  (
  • Facebook’s Graph Search has been a game changer in the way people search for companies and products.

Marketing is changing rapidly and businesses that hope to survive must come to terms with the new realities.