I imagine most of you are gearing up for the busy holiday selling season and you want to maximize sales as much as possible. But what you also want to be doing, is getting the people who buy from you for Christmas gifts, to come back and buy from you for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day, the other two big gifting holidays.

Therefore, I want you to think about including an insert in each package that you send out to a customer. Sure, you can include your business cards or a coupon, but I want you to include something that the customer will keep, maybe even put on a wall, their desk, the fridge, etc., so that they will remember your shop.

Some Creative Ideas for Package Inserts

  • If you sell kid’s products include a blank Christmas theme coloring sheet for the kids.
  • If you sell travel related products, include a “What to Pack” travel checklist.
  • If you sell home decor include a list of “Top 10 White Paint Shades“.
  • If you sell literary-related products, include a list of “10 Classic Books to Read in 2017″.
  • If you sell food or kitchen products, include a Christmas recipe.
  • If you sell beauty products, include a make-up tutorial printout.
  • If you sell fashion, include a “How to Do Laundry” printout.
  • If you sell fitness products, include a printout of yoga poses.

Other Ideas

  • A blank checklist that says, “My Resolutions for 2017“.
  • 2017 monthly calendar pages.
  • An inspirational quote typography print.

All of these items are very simple to create using sites like Canva, Creative Market or your own graphic design skills. Now, for this to work, you have to make sure that your shop name and url are at the bottom of the insert.The key is that customers like getting “extras” in the package and if you can use them as marketing collateral, why not?