Consumer packaged goods (CPG) food brands are on a targeted mission to reach consumers this summer. Party hosts, especially, are on their radar as celebrations begin to ramp up. Top CPG food brands have dramatically increased their digital media spend in recent months, including Mondeléz International, General Mills, and more. This is good news for brand marketers whose products will be purchased for parties, as hosts begin to plan for graduation season, cookouts, family reunions, and beyond.

It’s important that these brands and their marketing teams understand how to reach this valuable demographic of party hosts. However, they shouldn’t overlook party guests as a target audience. While party hosts typically make most of the purchases for summer celebrations, they also frequently ask guests to bring food and beverage of their choice. Here are 5 tips that brand marketers can use as they try to get their food and beverage products on party shopping lists:

  • Understand the Timeline of Party Planning: Memorable, personalized celebrations are generally planned 4-6 weeks in advance. Party hosts research themes, locations, and menu items well before the day of the party. Make sure your brand is top of mind for summer party hosts with thought out product placement and advertising campaigns. According to a survey by Punchbowl, 63% of party hosts buy their snacks the week of the event and 21% buy them the day before. These are all relevant touch points in the party planning process that brands must understand.
  • Know The Trends: Make sure you have a solid understanding of what party hosts and guests are looking for this summer. Is consumer attention focused on prepared foods that only need to be plated or heated? Or will they respond better to “DIY” starter kits for creative appetizers and side dishes? Know what’s hot this summer, and your brand has a good chance of being on the shopping list.
  • Get In Front of Guests: While each party typically has one or two hosts, it has many guests. For the average summer party, a host will send out 30–40 invites (or more for larger holidays such as the 4th of July). Snack brand marketers have a vast opportunity with guests, as they search for the perfect party dish or beverage to bring.

Pay attention to upcoming summer holiday and milestone events that are relevant to your brand. Allow these seasonal triggers to help guide your brand messaging and campaign timing. For more tips on how your brand can reach the $38 billion celebrations industry, download our free white paper.