Is your consumer marketing capturing the attention of the younger consumers known as Generation Z?

Chances are, your old ways aren’t going to work, because this generation is unlike others that have come before them.

Who Is Generation Z?

Born after 1998, they are the “post-millennials.”

Generation Z is different than any other consumer group. They use technology differently, and they are passionate about different things.

While they may use social media more than their slightly older counterparts, they are engaging with the platforms in much shorter bursts.

The rules marketers have embraced for engaging MIllennials aren’t going to apply as well to reaching this Gen Z audience.

Their use of technology, social responsibility concerns, and desire to make an impact set this group apart from those who came before. They’re not shy about leaving a brand if they don’t feel their values are aligned.

So What Does Work?

To reach this group and create an ongoing relationship, you’ll need to embrace a few consumer marketing strategies that, if executed correctly, can make a huge difference in your success.

Be clear about your company’s values and act accordingly.
Gen Z consumers tend to link their values to their purchasing. They like to know a brand’s core values and determine if they align with their own.

They research a brand’s position on things that matter to them (like social activism and inclusiveness, for example). If they find a company’s CEO says he or she values something, but their products indicate otherwise, they won’t hesitate to take their business to a company that they feel shows more integrity.

Be clear and concise in your consumer marketing messages.
Although members of Gen Z engage with social media more than their predecessors, they tend to use the platforms (and surf the web) in shorter bursts.

Messages that provide focused information and are easy to share are more appealing to this group. Chances are, if they can’t easily find what they’re looking for, this group will abandon your content in search of another brand that makes it easier to share.

Get a member of Generation Z to assist in crafting your message.
Who knows the motivations and messaging power of a group better than someone who is part of it?

When you have someone on your team who understands how to reach their peers, you can create a more compelling message that provides a better chance of reaching your target consumer.

Skip the marketing speak and common buzzwords.
This generation puts a high value on connection and speaking from the heart.

Authenticity is essential, so skip the buzzwords when you create content, whether it’s written, video, audio, or some other format.

Speak to your audience in a conversational, fun way while avoiding clichés and marketing “speak.”

Don’t limit yourself to one marketing avenue.
In today’s world, there are so many ways to reach an audience that it’s hard to keep up.

While television advertising, radio and direct mail are still options, this group of consumers tends to get their information from other sources.

Video is extremely popular and viral, as well as chatting via apps like Slack or Voxxer. Power Reviews’ Centennial Shopper Study calls this group the first “mobile native generation,” and offers insights for reaching them successfully.

Clarity, authenticity, and willingness to explore other communications formats are essential if you’re looking to connect with this next “it” consumer generation.

Do you have other consumer marketing tips for reaching Gen Z? We’d love to hear from you.