Use these 5 strategies to sell more holiday inventory this season with influencer gifting.

With holiday sales expected to top $1 trillion this season, shoppers are spending more than ever before — and they’re turning to influencers for what to buy.

A recent survey of 2,000 shoppers showed that 31.7% visit social websites more than once a day during the holiday season, specifically to browse for gift ideas. A separate survey showed that 61% of shoppers use Facebook as their first source of holiday inspiration. For brands looking to capture the attention of customers who increasingly prefer peer recommendations over promotions and advertisements, influencers have become valuable collaborators. Here’s how to effectively use influencer gifting to boost your own holiday revenues.

Showcase specific products.

Influencer gifting keeps your products top-of-mind as they plan their holiday shopping. Take advantage of this dynamic by gifting products you want to push this season. Even if you have dedicated ambassadors, you still need an ongoing presence on social media to be remembered; influencer gifting allows you to expand the number of individual voices talking about your products. If you’re a smaller brand, product seeding gives you a cost-effective way to gain visibility and simply get the conversation started. And if you already see a good deal of user-generated content, influencer gifting allows you to reinforce your message or try a new demographic with minimal risk.

Inspire action with time-sensitive sales.

The holiday season gives you a time-sensitive call-to-action, which makes November and December particularly valuable months for sales-focused collaborations. Running holiday sales by giving each blogger a unique discount code can help motivate sales, while allowing you to more easily track which bloggers have performed the best for you. To further incentivize bloggers, you can complement your collaboration with affiliate marketing by offering a commission on eCommerce sales generated during a campaign.

Create a story, not an ad.

Ad blocker usage is up 30% over the last year, and roughly one in five consumers now use some kind of software to bypass unwanted content. This means that banners, pop-ups and promoted videos are no longer a reliable method for reaching your customers. If you want to capture their attention, you must deliver your message through content they actually want to view. Influencers allow you to make your products part of an ongoing storyline that has already engaged your audience. Allow influencers to weave your products into their everyday lives, rather than trying to turn your collaboration into a more traditional advertisement.

Track your results.

One final benefit of influencer gifting is the opportunity to track specific results so you can recognize future opportunities with specific demographics or influencers. We recommend tracking your engagement, reach and affiliate revenues by influencer over several weeks. (We include results for three months with our own collaborations.) Some influencer collaborations might inspire a quick jolt in sales over the first few days, but those bloggers might not be your best-performing overall. The only way to determine your full ROI is to follow a campaign over a period of time. Holiday shopping patterns will certainly affect behavior during a December campaign, but capturing valuable post-holiday data will give you insight into how effective and memorable your campaign was.

Whatever your holiday targets may be this season, influencer gifting is one of the most cost-effective options for putting product in front of the right customers. Use these tips to spark organic conversations that keep your brand top-of-mind all season long.