You’re not cheap, you’re frugal! And yes, there is a difference. As an entrepreneur of a local business, you often have to be economic with your funding and that may mean cutting back in areas you could benefit from the most. You may even find that you’re strapped for cash at especially inopportune times — with the month leading up to Black Friday being one of the worst. But if you’re lacking the funds to do a big marketing push right now, stop stressing. It may be all about the Benjamins when it comes to your business making money on Black Friday, but it doesn’t have to be when it comes to your marketing efforts.

Here are four budget-friendly Black Friday marketing ideas:

1. Get Creative. Black Friday can mean big bucks for all businesses, both large and small. But with so much competition out there, creativity is a must to ensure your business stands out. If you have a retail location, your storefront window is a great opportunity to highlight your Black Friday sale. But what can you do that won’t cost a lot of money? Why not take some of your old holiday decorations from home and use them to dress up your storefront window for the holidays? Your store will look festive and it won’t cost you any money. You can also create your own sale signs to hang in your window as well, so every time people walk past your store, they’ll be reminded about your upcoming Black Friday specials. When creating your sale sign, an article on eHow advises, “Good signage is bold, relates to the personality of your store, and is easy to read.”

2. Get social. Social media marketing is free, yes, but it’s also a great way to spread the word about your upcoming Black Friday promotions. If you’re offering free shipping, a percentage off, or any other specials, start promoting them now via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and any other social media sites your business is on. Keep in mind that over-promoting your Black Friday sale isn’t going to get you anywhere, so try to keep promotional posts to 1-2 per day on your business account. Even better? Post images of the products you’re selling on your social media accounts with content that details how much consumers will save by shopping on Black Friday. Pinterest is a good place to try this free Black Friday marketing tactic.

3. Get savvy. Email marketing is a fantastic low-cost marketing tool for the entrepreneur on a budget. You can send out email newsletters that highlight the best items you’ll have for sale on Black Friday, as well as any details of the promotions you’ll be having to grab your target audience’s attention. Make sure the subject line of your emails have a sense of urgency. For example: Black Friday ONLY – 50% off! or Hurry! 5 a.m. – 11 a.m. Black Friday Blowout Sales! You get the idea. Show your customers why they should shop at your store first, whether online or in-person, to ensure they get the best items at the best prices — and you get the most profit. Don’t already have a software program to create an email newsletter? MailChimp is a great budget-friendly option. The free edition of MailChimp allows you to have up to 2,000 subscribers and lets you send up to 12,000 emails in a month before having to upgrade to their paid version.

4. Get personal. Want to show your customers that you appreciate them? Consider sending them a handwritten card thanking them for their business during the past year. It’s a personal way to remind them about your company and show them that you truly care about their business. To promote your Black Friday sale, you can also let them know that if they bring the thank you card into your store on Thanksgiving weekend, they’ll get an additional __% off on top of any other promotions you’re running. You can also give them a secret coupon code good only for use on Black Friday to boost online sales. While this tactic won’t cost you much in the way of stamps or thank you cards, it may take up quite a bit of your time. Keep in mind that whatever you can do to separate yourself from your competitors at this point is crucial, so spending your time now to have a profitable Black Friday could potentially be very worth it.

Tell us: What’s your best budget-friendly Black Friday marketing tip?