Influencers are one of the key metrics contributing to the growth of any business. Engaging new influencers and retaining the current ones are a priority for your marketing campaigns. Fresh ideas and a general perspective might be required for the newest influencers that your campaign is targeting, ensuring that a significant proportion of them commit to engaging with your business. For your existing network of influencers, strategies may vary depending on your past experiences with them. Their interest areas, participation platforms, engagement with your past campaigns etc., will help you determine how best to craft your influencer marketing campaign and personalize them for new audiences.

Here are several influencer marketing campaign ideas that are bound to increase engagement levels:

Product Naming Previews

Consumers love to be a part of their favorite brands’ journey. Whenever your brand is getting ready to launch a new product, invite your influencers to participate in the naming exercise. They’ll appreciate the opportunity, and they will feel a stronger attachment to the product – and your brand.

Organize Events with your Influencers

Organizing events for your influencers may be the best way to reach them and deliver your message in a more personal manner. In an offline vs an online event, offline events are successful in giving you returns in building long-lasting relationships with potential influencers. Online events help establish thought leadership and can be easier to drive traffic to your web properties. You can even encourage your influencers to organize events themselves that will be sponsored by you, where you talk about your brand, or at the very least, get to know your influencer’s demographics, interests and other metrics.

Promote Giveaways to Increase Influencer Interest

Giving away products, especially for free, pique the interests of a number of potential influencers. In fact, it is these small giveaways hosted by businesses that has helped them capture new influencers. Usually these giveaways would be hosted on the company’s blogs, or social profiles. Influencers would be notified of the giveaway and be prompted to take part in some activities like social sharing, or subscribing for accessing the free products. These products may include a preview package of your best selling items, e-books pertaining to your brand, bonuses or coupons.

Launch New Products to retain your Influencers

Announcing new products are a great way to reach out to potential customers and letting your existing network of influencers know what your brand is up to. The best way to impress your influencers is by making them a part of your product launch by making them the first ones to know about your product, and actively encouraging them to spread the news. Invite your influencers to try out your products and give rave reviews. Provide them with a signup bonus, or early access bonus and coupons for a few weeks to get the maximum number of customers guaranteed to be engaged as soon as the product launches.

Entice Influencers With Competitions

Often, competitions can boost your brand’s reach and increase its visibility and increase interest among potential influencers. Consumers love competitions, and if it does not require a significant time-intensive commitment, many would be happy to participate. Some of the most common competitions include sharing photos or experiences in the form of videos, images or blog posts, with a social hashtag pertaining to your brand that helps you identify the participants.

Encourage Collaboration among your Influencers

It is important to know your influencer’s opinions on subject matters that pertain to your brand. Some ways that you can achieve this is by taking surveys and seeking opinions directly. Surveys can help you organize your influencer interests based on key metrics and distinguished across several demographics. You can also seek their opinions directly by encouraging them to respond on your social posts by commenting, posting, liking etc. You can even have a dedicated forum for your influencers where they can discuss their opinions.

Ultimately, the right, targeted marketing campaigns will help your brand grow its network of influencers. This will result in an upward spiral of marketing success that leads to better engagement across all your marketing channels, elevated word-of-mouth and social participation, increased traffic to web properties, and of course, more sales.