consumer research Consumer panel research can be employed in so many industries for so many different uses that it can produce an almost unlimited amount of information. Results from consumer research provide statistics we can include in PR releases, news stories, branding strategies, marketing plans, customer service improvement programs – the list is almost endless. Here are just 5 facts we’ve learned from the latest consumer research:

1.    Smart Phone Addicts

There is no doubt that smart phones and mobile devices are reigning supreme in consumer markets, but just how popular are they? Recent consumer research into consumer behavior highlights just how addicted some consumers are to their smartphones. A survey of US smartphone users found that 63% of females and 73% of males couldn’t go an hour without checking their phone.

2.    Shop Local

Consumer trends for 2013 are looking decidedly biased toward local produce and the home market with more people swayed by product bearing a sticker relating to patriotic origin. In fact four out of five US shoppers, 76% to be exact, are more likely to purchase a product if they see a “Made in the USA” label.

3.    Hungry for news

The digital age is having a significant impact on how quickly and widely news travels. Some interesting consumer research looked at how long people spent reading or listening to their various news sources, and it found that the average adult spent 32 minutes watching news on the television daily, but had also spent 16 minutes throughout the day receiving news on their mobile.

4.    The Social Network

Social networking is everywhere and it plays a major part in our every day lives. A lot of this is down to the increase in mobile technology and tablets. Consumer research has found that 80% of online consumers use some form of social media – with 60% doing so regularly.

5.    Big Spenders

In a consumer survey spanning 11 countries, respondents were asked, among other information, what products they intended to buy in 2013. 41% plan on purchasing a smartphone, 36% are planning to get a home computer and 33% are hoping to buy a HD or 3D TV.

Consumer research can be used to find out so many things and it can provide some fascinating facts and figures. What will you learn when you conduct your next consumer panel research?

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