Once the Christmas season is over, it’s common for jewelry business to experience a sales nosedive. This is partly because, after spending a big chunk of their money during holiday shopping and travel, consumers can’t afford to go on a shopping spree yet. But in reality, this break is just a part of selling cycle that is usually common for most businesses.

While it’s a little scary for small business owners or start-up entrepreneurs to experience this dreaded lull, this is also a great opportunity to do other things for your wholesale jewelry business. If you have a lot on your to do list, but doesn’t have the enough time to complete those, this the best time to finally have it accomplished.

Plan and Reorganize

While business is slow, you can take some time off to plan and research on marketing strategies for your jewelry business. If you haven’t done an actual business plan, this is the right time to do so. Do a study on your target market and come up with ways on how you can reach them better. You can also do a quick analysis of your competitors and find better ways on how you can do better in the market.

Clean Up

Your store may still look like a mess after a stressful holiday. If you can close down your store a few hours before the actual closing time, you can already have a general cleaning in your store. Toss up the things that belong to the trash can such as boxes, broken trays, scratch paper or discarded packaging to get rid of clutter. Clean display boxes and racks to give your store a more pleasant ambiance.

Research New Possible Suppliers

Business may be slow, but you may want to surprise your customers with the best jewelry selection the next time they drop by your store. Research online for other trusted wholesale jewelry stores and update your inventory with interesting cubic Zirconia rings and other trendy jewelry pieces in the market.

Come up with Jewelry Packaging

Use the lean months to get ready for the busy times by stamping boxes, arranging packaging or redesigning tags. You can also update your information card so you have plenty of them the next time you attend jewelry trade fairs and shows.

Do you have other activities that must be done as we start another year? Make sure to have everything accomplished in the next few weeks and keep yourself busy with useful stuff. If you want to, you can even take some time off for yourself or enjoy team building activities with your staffs!