Did you know that video and photos get 3 times more clicks and shares than just status updates alone? That’s amazing engagement, people! Because of that, I thought I’d offer some ideas on how retailers could use video to engage more with their shoppers, and hopefully drive more sales as a result.

Ready? ACTION!

  1. Host a video contest from your shoppers, and publish the best video of people using and/or loving your products. This can generate a lot of fun and buzz while getting you a great cloud-sourced video ad. For a great example of this, see the Gmail video contests.
  2. Upload a few video testimonials. Having others see how much people love your product or service can have a powerful effect.
  3. Demonstrate a product. Maybe if you demonstrate all the cool stuff you can do with your stuff, people will be so impressed that they’ll HAVE to buy it!
  4. Get someone else on camera to teach. Have someone well known in your industry teach on camera. Or, why not demonstrate some of your own expertise. Knowledge is power, my brothers.
  5. Show the behind the scenes of your business. People love seeing the nitty gritty of how things are done, and they’ll love seeing how you put things together, how you get your ingredients, make buying decisions, or quality control your products.
  6. Let them get to know your team. Introduce other people in the office on video. Explain their best qualities and why you can’t live without them. People love a happy workplace!
  7. Prove or disprove a myth relating to your industry.
  8. Issue a challenge and ask people to submit videos. For example, challenge your audience to catch a certain sized fish using only a certain bait. Whoever can show video proof wins a prize.
  9. Cover an event. For example, a live seminar, conference or trade show- if you sell something like accessories, a behind the scenes look at the newest scarves, materials, beads, and what not is super interesting.
  10. Introduce yourself to your audience. Tell them who you are and what you care about, and WHY you care about it.

I hope these ideas are enough to get you started thinking about how you can enhance your stores with some super compelling video.