Yahoo Mail has made many fine moves over the past year to set itself apart from competitors. For example, they integrated with Twitter and LinkedIn so that contact cards have relevant social information, and also created a password free option that’s connected to your mobile device. This time, however, Marissa Mayer has again pulled a rabbit out of the hat as Yahoo has announced that users can now manage their Gmail accounts from their Yahoo Mail.

This isn’t a new concept for Yahoo, as right now users are able to manage their Hotmail, Outlook and AOL accounts from their Gmail accounts through simply syncing them. That said, what does this mean for the user? It means that users can manage multiple email accounts from various email clients all within Yahoo Mail; you can delete an email and move an email from one from one folder to another seamlessly without having to stress or go back and forth between mailboxes.

Adding Gmail seems like a great move as there are 900+ active Gmail users, and one of the great features of this integration is that it allows Yahoo Mail users to search for relevant documents, emails and any other file across all mailbox from on search bar. To check out Yahoo’s official Gmail support announcement, click here!