We’ve all been there. Whether it’s writing a blog post, an ebook, or sometimes even an email, writer’s block can affect us all. If you’re up against a deadline and just can’t get your words down on paper, try these helpful tips to get you out of your rut.

1. Take a break and go for a walk.

You heard me. Stand up, walk away from your desk, and take a few minutes away from your computer. You may be on a tight deadline but staring at your computer frustrated won’t do you any good. Take a quick breather, get the blood flowing, and then return to your desk to crank out your assignment.

2. Eliminate distractions.

Recognize what distractions mean to you. For some, it’s constant noise that can surround you including the dog barking, co-workers chatting, and so on. For others, silence in itself can be a distraction. In this case, turn on some background noise to keep you going. The easiest way to remove distractions is to know what they are ahead of time and avoid them before you begin the writing process. Another tip is to shut down all tabs on your computer. Having Facebook up while you’re trying to write a blog post can be a huge distraction. Don’t give in…Facebook can wait.

3. Change your location.

While a change in location can also be useful in removing distractions, it can also be a great opportunity for inspiration. If you’re in an office setting, leave your desk and work from a conference room. If you work from home, leave your home office and go work from a coffee shop. Who knows what a new environment can trigger in the brain! Simply changing your scenery can be an easy fix to your writer’s rut.

4. Freewrite

Remember in you’re creative writing class when your teacher made you develop brainstorming trees? At the time you may have thought it was a pointless exercise, but turns out, your teacher had a point! Brainstorming on paper or even freewriting on a completely separate topic can get your creative juices flowing. Once you’re in a good rhythm, take a shot a the task at hand again. You should be ready to conquer it.

5. Drink a glass of water.

If you’re feeling tired and unmotivated, drink a glass of water. We all know drinking water has numerous benefits for our health, and keeping our energy levels up is one of them. Opt for this instead of coffee where you risk an energy crash when the caffeine fades.

6. Write an outline.

You may be stuck in terms of getting full paragraphs down on paper, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use bullet points to start writing your ideas. Creating an outline gives you structure that will help your sentences and thoughts flow smoothly once the outline is finalized.

7. Set a deadline for yourself.

One of the best tricks that I’ve heard for getting a blog post in on a deadline is to charge your computer to 100%, unplug it, and challenge yourself to finish your blog post until your battery runs out. It seems like a silly game, but it works! Think of other ways to put pressure on yourself for whatever you’re writing and you’ll be surprised how quickly your brain can change from unmotivated to “let’s do this” mode.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help! What are some tactics you’ve used to get over writer’s block?