conference call dial pad controls

Do you regularly attend conference calls? Here are the three key dial pad controls that will help you get the most out of your call when you use our service.

For the top dial pad controls for hosts, visit last week’s post.

Conference Code

To enter a conference call, you’ll need to dial the Conference Code when prompted. Your host typically provides the conference code when they invite you to the conference. This code guarantees that you are placed into the right call in our system, so don’t leave home without it! You can find your conference code in the email or calendar invitation provided by your host.

First, you’ll dial the conference telephone number. Then, you’ll be asked to enter a conference code to enter the conference. That’s it!

Mute Yourself – 4*

Sometimes you just need to quiet your line so as not to disrupt the conference. If you suddenly encounter background noise or are dialing in to a call from the road, it’s a good idea to mute your line when you aren’t speaking so you don’t disturb the others on the call.

Simply dial 4* and your line will be muted, though you’ll still be able to hear anyone else who is speaking. If you need to say something, dial 4* again and your line will be unmuted. Your host will appreciate it!

Raise Your Hand/Ask Permission to Speak – 5*

If the conference host is running a question & answer session during a call, you can indicate that you have a question, even when muted on the call, by dialing 5*. On the host’s call dashboard, they’ll receive a notification that you’d like to ask a question. When they are ready to take your question, you’ll hear “Line Unmuted.” Go ahead and ask your question. The entire conference will hear you. After the host answers your question, they will remove you from the question queue and your line will be muted again.

We hope these controls help you enjoy your next conference call.