communicationCommunication is at the heart of building influence and trust in a market that desperately needs it. For me, communication starts at the top. Effective communication leads to market penetration because people understand you care about them. It starts with people and secondly channels. Here are some areas I continue to work at every day.


I am seeing the value of communication first-hand with my fellow employees. When employees know what is expected of them, they will perform. I am working toward changing the culture at our company. We need to embrace a digital culture and look at change as a daily objective. The only way to achieve this is through proper communication of expectations and constant collaboration with employees.


In addition, I am seeking more opportunities to communicate with our current clients. It is not enough to just listen to managers and clients service reports. This year I had the opportunity to answer the phones during a particularly snowy day. It gave me a whole new appreciation of the work our client service and account managers do. In addition, it gave me an opportunity to learn more about our clients and their particular needs. I would recommend that every executive try putting on their client service hat from time to time.


Email communication is also a vital channel to work harder on. I have learned how important it is to write clear, concise email communication to insure client’s trust. Each and every client communication must show trust in some format. This is particularly true with respect to emails where many messages are often confusing and misleading.

Social Media

Communication is also the key when it comes to social media. Today, many social media posts are just that, short little phrases that do not mean much. In order to be effective on social media, communication must be at a higher quality standard. Today, I take the time to mention others where I can and I share information with a purpose. As a result, I am spending less time on social media by providing quality content and specific remarks to comments mentioning myself and company. Also, consider moving away from your company logo and try connecting more as a person rather than through a company picture. People connect with people.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is also paying off in a bigger way. The beauty about content marketing is its value is always there. I receive more website traffic from articles from the past then daily articles. I have found that taking time to create solid, quality content can go a long way keeping your brand name in front of people.

Front Desk

This part of our business has always been a critical area for communication. It is critical that people be greeted when they walk in the door. Today I see many empty front desks in office places. Many companies see it as a place to cut costs. To me, it is more about first impressions. Also, having a live voice is also pretty rare. Having a live voice makes a company more personable and trustworthy from the start.


Probably the most important aspect of communication. In all of these areas, someone needs to be analyzing the words and information being presented and make sure this information is processed and reported back in a way that helps improve the overall process of communication.


Communication is the key to building a successful marketing campaign, employee relations, client service and process improvement. It is hard work, but it is well worth the effort. Trust is the end result and communication is one area that helps build trust.