Working as a part of a big team can be chaotic. There’s a lot to do — changing priorities, disengaged workers, missed deadlines, multitasking, and procrastinating. Chaos is the enemy of every organization. Therefore, finding the right ingredients can set apart great companies from chaotic ones. Just make sure you pick the right tools that unify the teams to collaborate in workplace. Let’s have a quick overview of the top collaboration tools.

Collaborate to be More Productive

  1. ProofHub


ProofHub is the smartest way to collaborate. It is an advanced online task collaboration software to run your business and stay more productive at work. Teams can effortlessly share ideas, compile files, and organize all important stuff. Bring your distributed team in one place and achieve great things at work. One tool for teams to create, collaborate and communicate.

Pricing – $89 /month billed annually, $99/m billed monthly.

User Review – Two ladies, one website & lots of collaboration. ProofHub helps us improve coordination, communication and project execution. You don’t realize how much time you waste every day proofing via email until someone shows you a better way. I almost pulled out my credit card before even testing it. ProofHub is the way to go! – Delia Jalomo

  1. G Suite


G Suite is an integrated suite powered by Google AI for business document sharing, task management, email, calendar, chat, and video. With G Suite, you get everything in one package: create, access, connect, and control. You enjoy free video calling, phone calling and messaging. G Suite includes Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, and Google+ for communication; Drive for storage; Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Sites for collaboration. G Suite’s Basic edition includes 30GB of online storage per user.

Pricing – G Suite Business will go from $10 per user per month to $12.

User Review – G Suite is revolutionizing the use of cloud for business and students everywhere.

  1. Slack


Slack is a powerhouse messaging app for businesses that want team communication, customization, feedback and the ability to search messages. It is a place for all conversations, voice or video calls, integrated file sharing (drag-and-drop PDFs, images, videos), and many more.

Pricing – Standard at $6.67 Per active user, per month, billed annually, $8 billed monthly.

User Review – “Slack is not only great at connecting people, it’s great at connecting the tools and the systems we already have.” Nick Coronges, CTO at R/GA

  1. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is for businesses that bill clients and need to track employee time spent on projects. It provides you with a set of project collaboration tools to come together, plan, collaborate and get work done faster. You can give feedback, discuss projects in forums, offers issue management, Gantt charts for visual representation, and share a project calendar to increase productivity.

Pricing 20.30USD/month billed annually, plus tax, as applicable (for small teams).

User Review – Zoho Projects has allowed us to grow as a company. We have completed over 100 projects using Zoho.” TONE WILLIAMS, TONEE.COM, LLC

  1. Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime is a communication service that lets you meet, chat, and place business calls anywhere. It is available across all operating systems. It lets you have video recording, screen sharing, remote desktop controls, online meetings, and suitable chat functionality.

Pricing – Pay-as-you-go service with no upfront fees, commitments, or long-term contract.

User Review – “Amazon Chime provides us with great audio and video quality and allows our team to collaborate from wherever, and whenever needed to discuss upcoming releases and product troubleshooting.” Jeff Zhao, Site Reliability Engineer – Somos

  1. Huddle


With Huddle, users can seamlessly connect, interact, and collaborate with people in businesses and outside their network. The main features include file sharing, document version control, file request and more. It is a popular choice for teams to work on documents, converge to discuss ideas, interact with each other, and to collaborate on projects and manage projects with external clients.

Pricing – Huddle offers four paid subscription plans, starting at $10/user/month.

User Review – “Everyone who touches Huddle loves it. The feedback is really positive because it makes the whole team so much more productive.” Liz Hall, Business Manager, Borough of Poole.

  1. Igloo


Igloo is an intuitive, configurable, easy-to-use platform that enables a more productive and engaged workforce. It makes communication, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and culture seamless by providing easier information access to all who need it. Igloo unifies existing third-party applications easily and gives easy information access to the team.

Pricing – Request a quote for your team size.

User Review – “Igloo’s cloud intranet solution recognized for customer value, product quality, and innovation”. Kitchener, ON – January 16, 2014

  1. Bitbucket


Bitbucket is a cloud tool that gives teams one place to plan, collaborate, test and deploy on projects. It primarily focuses on code sharing and collaboration among teams. Bitbucket makes it easy for users to keep the repository private or public making collaboration easy by providing a simple yet powerful access control system.

Pricing – Premium for large teams $5/ user / month. Starts at $25 /month.

User Review – “Awesome for personal repositories and a way to collaborate development.”

  1. RealtimeBoard (Now called Miro)


Over 1,000,000 product managers and UX/UI designers use it to create, co-design and collaborate building their workflow. RealtimeBoard (Miro) can be used as a meeting room to collaborate 24/7 asynchronously. There are many integrations with RealtimeBoard: JIRA by Atlassian, Slack, Trello, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Contacts and Facebook.

Pricing – $40Per month billed annually. $10/user/month billed monthly.

User Review – “Miro has helped us work across multiple sites around the world and has enabled us to be far more productive than before.” Richard Davidson, Agile Project Manager

  1. Convo


Convo is a social-style collaboration tool to keep your team engaged with features to centrally share, organize and archive information across dispersed teams. With Convo you can stay updated with all the latest activity, ask your team a question, share a project update, preview files, or leave clear feedback from anywhere.

Pricing Request a quote for your team size.

User Review – “Excellent software option to keep the team engaged and involved.”