Speaking Secret

Do you ever fall down the rabbit hole of watching TED talks?

I do. The “I’m going to take 12-minutes to watch Mark Ronson’s TED talk” leads to the next 90-minutes of watching every TED talk I can on music – and most likely watching Amanda Palmer’s talk twice because I love it so much.

I love the way these talks impact me. I walk away from each one slightly changed. Feeling as if I can take on the bigger challenges in life.

Each speaker I watch has an impact that changes me in some small but significant way.

Do you want to be a speaker who changes the conversation in a small but important way?

Yes, of course you do. You know the only reason to speak is to make a change.

But you might be wondering how…

“How did they do that?”

  • How did they end up getting to speak at TEDx?
  • How did they create their speaking career?
  • How did they get asked to speak at such a prestigious event?

The secret answer to the “how did they do that” question is…


You see, those speakers who made you think, lead you to action or even made you brush a tear from your eye, they took action.

Those speaker spent hours tirelessly honing their speaking skills, perfecting their message, and building a body of work so their ideas stand out.

Those speakers were the on-call rotary speakers, spoke at networking events and any other place that would have them because they knew that no one would pay them to rehearse.

It’s not glamorous, but the bottom line is consistent action makes your speaking dreams a reality. If you want to make your impact and get your message out to the people who need it most, then it’s time to act.

The longer you wait to start, the longer you wait to realize your speaking goal.

You get the results you most desire by focusing on consistent action and taking the steps to make it happen.

Where could your speaking reality be in 3-months if you started taking action now?

If you’re ready to spring into action, then it’s time to get support. Your chance to make an impact doesn’t happen when you go it alone.

It takes a whole cast and crew to make center stage dreams a reality. I am opening the next round of The Speaking Collective in mid-June where we will work together for 3-months putting your customized speaking plan into action. It could be exactly what you need to jump start your speaking dreams.

Take the leap. Get your message into the hands of the people who need you. Trust yourself to make it happen now.

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