By far, one of the biggest mistakes I see so many business owners make is not building relationships with their potential clients. It is so very important to do this. Here’s a story that will blow your minds.

Photo by Denis Agati on Unsplash

Recently a new trading platform was presented to me. It’s a platform for trading services between businesses, similar to Bartercard. It’s just hit in Australia and many people are talking about it. I was approached by three different people about it.

The first person who mentioned it to me, was a random reconnect. We’d brushed shoulders a few times over the past five years at Tony Robbins events. He was a high flyer who had climbed the ranks of business and someone I respected and admired. We hadn’t spoken much at all in the last four years, both being on our own journeys. All of a sudden though, there he was. I noticed him crossing the street close to where I lived. So I reached out to him!

“HEY! I just saw you!” I said.

He messaged back and we got chatting. I discovered he’d just moved to my area. We talked for a bit and then decided to reconnect over coffee. I was looking forward to it, because I looked up to this man and thought highly of him.

The day we met was wonderful. We shared our adventures over the past few years, the good, the bad and the ugly, and we also shared some wisdom between us. It was a lovely catch up, and one I hoped to do again. Before we finished up though, he started telling me about his new venture and how exciting it was. I listened until we reached the point of. “If I send you a link, would you watch it?”

This really tarnished our meeting completely. I suddenly realised that he wasn’t there to catch up with me. He was there to sell to me. This guy, who I looked up to and respected, but hadn’t spoken to in years, had a sale in mind, and very little else. It was such a shame, because I was totally looking forward to building a good friendship. Never mind though huh?

The second time this platform was mentioned to me was by a lady who lived on the other side of the country to me. We’d had some interactions with my coaching and I think she’d taken part in everything I’d offered for free. There was never anything more than that. We’d had a call about coaching, but it had come to nothing.

Now, this person did help me out with another project I was working on. I started a new income stream from scratch and I will say she was one of the first people to put her hand up, when I was offering blog writing for just $5.00 he he. The feedback was well worth it though.
Long story short, she told me about this platform, but I didn’t really pay that much attention.

Another two months went by.

I want to tell you about my beautiful friend. The lady who befriended me 18 months ago. The beautiful soul who has loved me and nurtured me. The gorgeous creature who has been there for me through the ups and downs of some very turbulent times. The woman who has supported me, even when things I was doing didn’t work out. The friend I can call in a moment’s notice and who will drop everything for me. It’s my hope that you have a friend like this as well.

When this lady told me about the platform, I was so busy with my new article writing business I couldn’t see clearly. So I brushed her off, and buckled down once more. As more and more business flooded in, and I had to hire more and more people I could see this goddess in the background, patiently waiting. I poked my head up for a second and asked about it. She sent the info, but by that time, the next wave of business had arrived and I was busy once more.

Then yesterday, I got my head above water. I hired a customer service person to relieve the pressure on me and all of a sudden I had time. So, I went and found the link she sent me, and I signed up. 😊

So, why do you think I chose lady number 3? Because she wasn’t in it for herself. She did not build a relationship with me just to sell to me. This lady genuinely wanted to be my friend. Her only purpose for our relationship was for us to love one another, be true to one another and support one another. I am so blessed to have her and I truly cherish her. She’s real, authentic, honest and a joy to be around.

Now I am not saying you need to do this for your customers. What I am saying is be real! If It’s just a straightforward I want to introduce you to my product pitch you want to give someone, don’t invite them for coffee on the basis of a catch-up. If you want someone to support you in something, support them in something that’s more than $5 value. This does not have to be a money exchange.

Give before you take. This is the best piece of advice I can give anyone.