If you are having a hard time understanding why your resale rates are not going as well as you thought. Here, we will show you a few techniques that will help you and your businesses close the sale. Before sending that follow-up e-mail it is important to first understand who you are targeting. Differentiating and rearranging the context of the e-mail according to your client. In the past, we showed you 10 ways to win back inactive Email subscribers. Today we will emphasize the reasoning and importance of creating a well thought out message that directly speaks to your client.

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Know Who Are You Targeting.

What is B2C?

B2C stands for business to consumers. It’s the type of marketing that occurs when the “B” such as companies or services sell directly to the end consumer the “C”. For example: When you go and purchase a bottle of shampoo from the drugstore, the drugstore stands for the “B” and you represent the “C”, since you are the end consumer. This is an example of a B2C sale, the decision making process is based on one person.

If You Are Targeting B2C

As a small business owner targeting B2C, it’s very crucial to make sure everything is more personalized. Usually, the decision-making process is based on emotions, so put yourself in their shoes. Think about their motivational interest. Since you are dealing with the end consumers you already know that they are their decision-making pattern is quite rapid. Try to show them how your services can improve or enhance their lifestyle.

For example: if you are a Yoga teacher and your client wants to get back into shape post pregnancy. Include in the follow up e-mail intimate classes with other moms in the same boat. This will make her feel more at home, it’s both personalized and targeted to the consumers emotions.

Email Sign-Offs

What is B2B?

B2B stands for business to business. It’s the type of marketing that occurs when the one business offers their service to another business. For example: when businesses like the grocery stores utilizes services from manufacturing companies to produce products is a perfect example of B2B. When targeting the B2B field you want to be concentrated on areas based on research data analysis and time management.

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If You Are Targeting B2B

When targeting B2B, It requires a well-thought-out plan, execution, and management. Here, you are dealing with a bunch of professionals who are trained and well educated. You want to make sure that everything is throughout properly, including data and research. The decision-making process for B2B takes a lot longer. There is a great amount of consideration in the decision making process. Thus, this is why it’s very important to make sure your follow-up e-mail is concrete and concise. For example: let’s say you are selling your software to a business. You want to make sure you send them the correct numbers in the data analysis, provide them with research on how your software can improve their work life.

Adding Value

This is the part where all the magic is done! creating value, this is where you are indirectly showing your clients that you are listening to there needs. How? let’s say you just finished a business meeting. During the meeting take notes and pay attention! For example, if your potential client asked you about a subject of interest such as a basketball. After the meeting gather all the relevant documents regarding basketball. In the followup, e-mail, include all relevant information but also adds in some info regarding the basketball score. This personal touch will make your client feel that you care.

“I want to thank you for the opportuniy to earn your usiness, and I look forward to working with you. I’ll be in touch next week to schedule a time for our next meeting.”

Another way you can add value and create trust is to show your client social proof. If during the meeting they asked to see references of other clients that have used your business. Be sure to send them a link to your testimonial page or even references. This will eliminate a great percentage of their doubt. In addition, show them the excitement you have to start working with them. By adding a sentence like ” looking forward to getting things started” will leave a good taste in their mouth. The use of social proof and enthusiasm is a great combination to show them that you are ready to get your hand dirty.

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Let’s say the meeting went excellent, the client is very happy and the deal is sold. It is still very important to send a follow-up e-mail just to check-in. They may not have asked you to send them references or documents. However, sending them a catch-up email of everything discussed in the meeting will give them a sense of positive reinforcement. This will create cognitive dissonance that will leave a good taste lingering. It will not only show that you care, but it will also convey that you have there best interest at heart.

The Average response time

Those who are considering doing business with you have high expectations about response time. According to statistics the average response time to e-mails in the field of business is up to 24/h, Take into consideration that this is just the average.

The importance of follow up e-mails

However, the recommended time is as quickly as possible. From the time you left your client to the morning after they are baking. During the baking period is useful to send them positive reinforcement that will most probably seal the deal. This follow-up e-mail within the time range will ensure them and strengthen ties. Keep into consideration that as technology advances the response time will change accordingly.