When you decide to step out, to expand, you often first need to slow down and go deeper – into what you do, what drives you, and who your work works well for – before you can take that first step onto a bigger stage.

Slowing down has allowed me the space to become fascinated with why speaker training lands deeply for some people, and not so much for others.

What is the difference between someone who takes the gift of speaking and runs with it – to elevate their business or explode their profile – and the person who loves the toolkit they’ve built but don’t do much more with it then improve their everyday conversations.

(Disclaimer – there is nothing wrong with simply improving everyday conversations!)

It has stunned me just how deep this question has taken me. I have known for some time that my work works best for you when you are purpose driven; as a professional, a consultant, an entrepreneur, an experienced coach.

And more than that; it works best when someone has a depth of experience, expertise, or thinking that enables them to draw on something beyond simply crafting a keynote speech, a business presentation or pitch.

We can all be structurally sound.

Some of us may even elevate to being structurally perfect.

But perfect will never outrun a lack of depth.

In Expertise. Experience. Thinking. In Purpose. In one, or all of them.

It is that formidable depth that we are able to pull on and draw out, to shape, to underpin structurally, and to meld into something that is uniquely and authentically you.

In a message that resonates with the people you want in your world. That shows me, as your audience, just why I should trust you, believe in you, and want to join you.

I want to hear what it is you have to say. I want to feel the depth of your expertise, your experience, your thinking, your purpose. Even if I can’t quite articulate what it is that I can sense.

When you take to the stage in front of me – whether I am your audience of one, or in a sea of faces numbering 1,000’s – I want to feel as though you are inside my damn head.

I want to be introduced to a world of possibility.

And damnit if I have shown up to hear you speak, then I want that world of possibility to be ignited by you.

Through the stories you share, the possibility you show, and the words you use I want to know one thing even if you never directly say it.

That you are inside my head. And I can clearly hear you saying ‘Here I am. And I see you.’