So you’ve found yourself with a brand new niche audience. Congrats! This is a huge opportunity to sell tons of items and gain a new set of loyal customers who could potentially follow you to the ends of the earth. Businesses everywhere dream of finding an audience like the one you just acquired.

red seatsSo why is it you’re suddenly nervous? It may be because you’ve just realized you have no idea what your new niche is about, much less what they care about. How are you supposed to talk to connect with them? Here are some ways you can start communicating with this random group of strangers who are soon to become your business’s best friends.

Go Where They Are

Want to know what your new niche audience loves, wants, and desires? Need a better idea of what the talk about or even how they talk? Then it’s time to head to where your niche is hanging out online.

It doesn’t matter how unique, bizarre, or obscure the niche is, there’s guaranteed to be a “home turf” for it. The Internet is ridiculously vast and people from all walks of life are able to find one another so they don’t feel alone.

So let’s say your company sells skateboarding equipment. Suddenly, you see there’s been a huge upswing of middle aged housewives buying your stuff. You’re used to selling to well, the stereotypical “skateboard,” so what are you supposed to say to them? Go find a website, forum, or Facebook page where middle-aged women, housewives, or some combination of those worlds talk about stuff they love. Interact with them to see what they’re about.

What’s even more exciting about this is you may discover even more similarities between your skateboarding world and their world. This could lead to bigger revelations on how to market your company to them and other niches.

Reach Out to Influencers

Along with a place to congregate, every niche audience also has its “superstars” online. They are the leaders everyone turns to when they need advice, coaching, expert opinion, or just the latest news. These people could be pundits, bloggers, or people who just sit online and talk all day long.

Whoever they are, it’s important to reach out to these people. Not only does interacting with them give you the potential to reach a huge audience at once, it also gives you further insight into their world. It’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

Since you’re a PR pro with a brand new niche to consider, most of these leaders will probably take pity on you and help you out if you ask. Just tell them your situation and ask if there’s a great website or group you can join to better understand your new audience.

This conversation can also lead to a great working relationship. If you get to know these niche leaders, they could be more receptive to guest blog posts and a more in-depth relationship. They could also vouch for your company to their audiences which could instantly put you in a great position for the growing your new niche audience.

Were you ever surprised by a niche audience who found your company?