381161436 35f23d5116 n Your Story and Your Small Business Unique Value Proposition

I’m a man. A 52-year old white man who happens to live in Lancaster, PA.

All in all, that doesn’t make me very unique. There are plenty of other men in Lancaster. In fact, there are plenty of other 52-year old white guys in Lancaster. I just happen to be one of them. If I looked hard enough, I might even find out that I’m not the only Ken Mueller in Lancaster. I might be one of many.

But that doesn’t make me unique. What makes me unique is my story. Even if there is another 52-year old white guy named Ken in Lancaster, he hasn’t lived the same life that I have.

Your business or nonprofit is also not unique. There are plenty of restaurants/plumbers/accountants/book stores in your market. Whatever you do for a business, there is probably at least one other business that does the same thing. For many customers or potential customers, you might even be interchangeable. So what sets you apart and makes you unique?

Too often we try to set ourselves apart by some specific business practice or set of practices. For some, it might be that they are cheaper than the competition. For others, it might be a higher level of quality of products or services. Location might be an important factor for some customers, while others might look for a certain level of customer experience or service.

But again, most of those can probably be replicated. A business can choose to compete with you by upping their quality or perhaps lowering their prices. In many ways, they can match with what you do step for step. Every move you make to bolster your strategic position, they can react with a counter move.

But, that doesn’t mean you’re not unique.

Do you know what makes you unique? Do you know what you have that none of your competitors can ever have?

Your story.

No matter what they do, they can’t match or imitate your story. They can’t replicate the thing that makes your businesses uniquely it’s own entity.

Every business or nonprofit has its own set of stories to tell, and we need to use those stories to show our customers what sets us apart from the competition. At Tellus360, we have some incredibly unique stories, and we’ll be telling those stories regularly as we move forward. We’ll be sharing those stories in our blog, on Facebook and other social channels, and even in person to those who walk through our doors.

It’s a story of sustainability.

A story of Ireland and some historic Irish relics.

A story that includes a stage that was used on tour by Madonna, Lady Gaga, Billy Joel, and more.

A story that includes speakers and monitors used by U2 and AC/DC.

A story that involves reclaimed wood, roof gardens, air raid sirens, and whiskey barrels.

And as we move forward, we are not only telling those stories, but we’re making new ones. New stories that help us maintain our uniqueness and set us apart. The same goes for the stories of our employees and the stories of our customers. Each of them helps us to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Tell your story early and often, so others know what it is that sets you apart and makes you unique. That’s something that no one else can do for you or on your behalf.

Have you told your story? Are you telling it on a regular basis?