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In response to requests to add the feature, Slack has added a new tool that allows a co-worker to interact with the screen in several ways.

Previously, the collaborative workplace site allowed users on a call to only share a screen with co-workers.

Up To 15 Participants

Slack said users can share control of their screen with up to 15 participants.

To begin, Slack said a user has to merely share the screen from a Slack call and hit the “share control of your screen” button.

Each participant will receive his or her cursor, along with the ability to type, edit, scroll, and click on the contents of the shared screen, Slack added.

Temporarily Draw

When not in control, participants who can view the screen can temporarily draw over the shared screen, directing attention to particular cells in a spreadsheet, lines of a paragraph, or anything else they want to highlight.

Along with emoji reactions a user can send in Slack calls, the drawing tool can make presentations feel like more like a two-way conversation.

Slack said over the past months, “customers helping beta test this feature have already found plenty of ways to use it.”

Some organizations share control of their screen for step-by-step IT troubleshooting, while others use it for pair programming.”

The platform said further that Zapier, a software company with a fully distributed workforce, “relies on interactive screen sharing so that two or more individuals can work together triaging bugs and responding to customer tickets.”

Screenhero Acquisition

Slack acquired collaborative workplace app Screenhero in 2014 and had been moving Screenhero’s features piece by piece into the official Slack apps and clients.

Now that the full integration is finished, Slack said Screenhero would be shut down as a standalone app on December 1, reported.

To facilitate the migration for still active Screenhero users, meanwhile, Slack said it will offer a 60-day trial for those who don’t already have a paid account.

According to Slack, it has more than 6 million daily active users, with more than 2 million paid users and 50,000 paid teams, and more than 9 million weekly active users.

What’s Next?

Slack’s new screen-sharing tool now makes collaboration more interactive.

Would you use the tool in your workplace? What can you say about the feature? Share your thoughts by commenting below.