See How Pay per Call Bridges the Offline Gap in a Digital World

Have you noticed those cute little “call” buttons in the search results on your smartphone? Have you ever used those buttons to connect with a business? It turns out that 70% of people have called a business directly from a mobile search ad using click-to-call extensions. This means the vast majority of mobile users have made a phone call from an online search ad. This online to offline journey has become the norm, and marketers are taking advantage of the trend with pay per call campaigns.

What is Pay per Call?

If you’re not familiar with pay per call, it’s any type of campaign that drives inbound phone calls. Instead of paying for online traffic or digital leads, advertisers pay on a per-call basis. Pay per call campaigns can be used with just about any marketing channel or media type including PPC, email, display, loyalty programs, you name it.

New Consumer Behavior

New consumer behavior and industry trends have led to increased popularity in pay per call campaigns. There was a time when phone calls seemed like old news. With digital media being all the rage, marketers turned their attention to the online customer journey. But with the rise of mobile tech, phone calls have made their way back on the scene in a big way.

  • 54% of consumers say mobile websites don’t provide enough information.
  • 51% of mobile searchers report that they always or frequently need to call a business from a mobile search ad.
  • 75% of consumers say a phone call is the quickest way to get a response.

While consumers still use smartphones for digital connection, jumping from a mobile search or website to a phone conversation with the click of a button is more common than you’d think. People use smartphones to shop and research products and services, and then complete their purchase over the phone, because who wants to hassle through a multi-step purchasing process on a small touchscreen? Especially in industries that sell high-value and personalized products, phone calls are a critical stop on the journey. When was the last time you bought an insurance policy or took out a personal loan entirely online?

Pay per call not only helps boost your marketing performance, it makes for a superior customer experience. Adding the option to call puts the power in customers’ hands and builds trust by letting them know there’s a real person standing behind your online presence. It’s a win-win.

Inbound Call Growth

Consumers are moving online to offline more than ever, and marketers are using pay per call to capture those customers. Phone calls are increasing at an explosive pace. According to Invoca’s Call Intelligence Index, 45% of consumer-initiated calls to businesses are generated by mobile search. With the growth and adoption of mobile tech, there’s been a huge uptick in the number of inbound calls to businesses. In fact, BIA/Kelsey predicts that by 2018 mobile search alone will drive 73 billion phone calls to businesses. Mobile search is now driving billions of calls per year thanks to the ease and convenience of click-to-call.

While offline channels still drive about 16% of all inbound calls, mobile-only channels have quickly taken over the inbound-call landscape. Currently, 54% of all calls to businesses are from mobile marketing. It’s crazy that more than half of all calls are driven by a channel that’s still new for many marketers.

In a world where the lines between the digital and offline worlds are blurred to the point of non-existence, marketers are adapting with pay per call campaigns. Marketers can no longer think about their online and offline advertising efforts separately. Consumers shift seamlessly between digital screens and real-life interactions, and marketers need to keep that transition smooth and simple by utilizing pay per call strategies. Take a look at the infographic to learn more about how phone calls fit in the modern path to purchase.

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